Sunday, August 29, 2010

Iran Democracy Organizations

Tehran, Iran: City Theatre. Pahlavi era archit...Image via WikipediaCalifornia Society for Democracy in Iran
Iran: Political Organizations

Iran National Front (USA)
Iran National Front (Washington)
Iran National Front (Europe)
Iran Liberal (Sweden)
Nehzat-e Moghavemat Iran

What My Email Says,,,,

Hello. I can do for Iran what I did for Nepal. I need you to fund my work. For now if you can raise $2000, that is $400 per organization, that will allow me to work full time for a few weeks, and I can raise more money on my own based on that work.

My PayPal ID is

Sorry I missed out the first round. Your street show was impressive, but your revolution was politically immature. If I can work full time towards it, I think we can have regime change by the end of 2011. The goal has to be an interim government that holds elections to a constituent assembly to draft a new constitution from scratch.

Insallah! (God willing) On to Azadi! (Freedom)

The First Time I Heard The Obama Name

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