Sunday, August 15, 2010

Reshma Saujani Is The Second Stimulus Bill This Country Needs

"Thousands gather at the Subtreasury Buil...Image via WikipediaNew York politicians in Congress who have raised gobs of money over the years from Wall Street have not known how to do the nuance thing. They have not known the difference between enacting Wall Street reform, which has been necessary, and refusing to demonize Wall Street. The Wall Street reform bill they have passed is weak, and their demonization of Wall Street has gone too far and has hurt the chances of this country bouncing back to low unemployment levels.

One politician in this country who has been able to do the nuance thing is Reshma Saujani and she has done it when she has not had the power that a Congressperson has. Reshma Saujani winning on September 14 has national implications. That is why the New York congressional delegation needs to do a fundamental rethink. It needs to distance itself from Rangel/Maloney, and it needs to come out in support of Reshma Saujani.

Because it is about jobs. It is about creating jobs. It is about the number one issue that will decide if Democrats or Republicans will take the House in November. The voters across this country are angry enough that they just might make the entire New York congressional delegation go stand in the corner.

Standing by Maloney is outright the dumbest move any New York politician could make right about now. To stand by Maloney is to wish a permanent 10% unemployment rate upon the American people. You will not be forgiven.
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