Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reshma Saujani Loves America

Reshma Saujani loves America like no white American I ever met. You should listen to her say things like "I am the daughter of political refugees," and "I went to public schools all my life." She makes it sound like political asylum were a spiritual concept.

The closest thing to that I have is my appreciation for the democratic framework. It is like religion to me. I appreciate democracy like people who always grew up in democracies don't.

I belong to the progressive political religion. I put way more time into my political religion than I do to the religion of my birth, Hinduism, or my second adopted religion, Buddhism, (in Nepal the two don't feel like separate religions) and my religions of curiosity, Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

As for love and all that, I am more of a netizen, a global citizen. I don't feel like there is anything special about the American landmass. The riches of this country can be created anywhere where we can take the ideals of democracy and the market mechanism, and universal broadband would be the best, fastest way to do that.

But I must admit the red, white and blue Reshma 2010 shirt is growing on me. That is all I wear these days. I have three. I think I might pick up a few more the next time I am the Reshma 2010 headquarters.
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