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Look Who Is Talking: Carolyn Maloney's Dipshit Lies

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Our Town: Upper East Side: Maloney Pushes Back on “Dishonest” Attacks
Rep. Carolyn Maloney is pushing back on her challenger’s claims that she takes millions in special interest money.
So is Carolyn Maloney saying she has NOT taken special interest money? Why does she not spell it out? Why this non denial? Sorry, but I am being able to see through this stunt. Try something else. Maloney has taken half a million dollars from Wall Street PACs alone, and that's just for this election cycle.
Our Town: Upper East Side: Maloney Pushes Back on “Dishonest” Attacks
Maloney’s campaign sent out a mailer highlighting newspaper editorials and fact-checking websites that rebuff Reshma Saujani’s claims. Saujani’s campaign has repeatedly noted that she has not taken money from Political Action Committees while Maloney has accepted $2.5 million throughout her career.
Which newspaper editorials? Which fact checking websites? I have a Google Alert thing set up on the Reshma Saujani name. I get daily email from Google when someone a-n-y-w-h-e-r-e writes anything about Reshma. I have not seen those editorials. Where are they? Which particular Reshma claims? The two claims in this particular paragraph that (1) Reshma "has not taken money from Political Action Committees" and (2) " Maloney has accepted $2.5 million throughout her career," well they are true. They are facts like the height of Mount Everest is a fact.
Our Town: Upper East Side: Maloney Pushes Back on “Dishonest” Attacks
“Independent news organizations and watchdog groups agree: Reshma Saujani’s negative campaign is twisting the facts and distorting the truth,” Maloney’s mailer reads. “On Sept. 14, say NO to Reshma Saujani and her dishonest negative campaign.”
Look who is talking. The person who t-a-k-e-s Wall Street PAC money - half a million dollars total - and then turns around and says Reshma Saujani, who as a matter of principle takes NO money from PACs whatsoever, is The Wall Street's Candidate. I agree with Maloney on this one. Vote down the dishonest person on September 14. That dishonest person happens to be Carolyn Maloney. Carolyn Maloney voting for the Iraq War is negative. Carolyn Maloney voting for the Patriot Act is negative. Carolyn Maloney doing BP's bidding in Congress is negative. Carolyn Maloney making Wall Street bad behavior possible over a decade is negative. Carolyn Maloney now standing in the way of Congress reform is negative. Vote down the negativity on September 14.
Our Town: Upper East Side: Maloney Pushes Back on “Dishonest” Attacks
criticized Saujani, a former hedge fund attorney, for claiming she doesn’t take “special interest money.”
That claim is so very true. Reshma 2010 is the successor camapaign to Obama 2008. The people wo put Obama into power now want power for themselves and Reshma 2010 is their vehicle. Obama 08 took no PAC money. Reshma 2010 has taken no PAC money. Obama 08 was all grassroots. Reshma 2010 is a grassroots effort. Carolyn Maloney, stop lying. But then I am not counting on it.
Our Town: Upper East Side: Maloney Pushes Back on “Dishonest” Attacks
she does take campaign cash from employees of Wall Street companies such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch.
She sure has. After 18 years of representing the district in Congress, Carolyn Maloney still does not know a lot of the workers of Wall Street happen to live in District 14. As citizens of the United States, they have a right to make their individual contributions.
Our Town: Upper East Side: Maloney Pushes Back on “Dishonest” Attacks
Saujani’s claim that Maloney, who was on a committee that dealt with the details of financial reform legislation, went to a James Taylor-Carol King concert fundraiser and took money from “special interests she is supposed to regulate.”
Charlie Rangel, Carolyn Maloney And Their Ethics Violations

Look who is talking: Ed Koch And Carolyn Maloney: Bush Democrats

Carolyn Maloney, do democracy a favor, show up for the August 26 debate at Baruch College.
First Debate August 26, Thank You Baruch College
We Will Debate An Empty Podium If We Have To
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