Tuesday, August 31, 2010

NY1, NY1, NY1, NY1, NY1

Reshma Saujani, Scott Heiferman and Chris Hugh...Image by TCDisrupt via FlickrThe highlight of my Reshma 2010 community conversation in Queens yesterday evening (Roosevelt Island: Community Conversation) was the news that NY1 has decided to call Maloney's bluff and is slated to give Reshma Saujani a 30 minute slot. They invited Maloney. She declined. So they have decided to give Maloney's share of time to Reshma. Now that's what I call courage. Courage on the part of NY1. This was so necessary.

For me it has not been about the first Indian American woman running for Congress thing. I have been too individualistic to bother joining the Indian American community in this country so far. So far I have followed interest groups. For me it has been about Reshma's political talent.

And now we are about to see the turning point. (We Intend To Swamp Maloney: The East Side Is Going Electric)

I give the credit for this wonderful move to Brian Lehrer. He did something really innovative. And that is how the dam burst. (Brian Lehrer's Message To TV Journalists In Town)

How am I going to watch this though? I don't own a TV. I hope they put out the whole segment on YouTube.

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