Thursday, August 26, 2010

Credit For Credit Card Bill Goes To Barack Obama

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Carolyn Maloney Is The Problem

It is beyond disingenuous, it is downright dishonest but not out of character for Carolyn Maloney to try and take credit for  a non existent Second Avenue subway line, a Brooklyn Bridge that does exist, and a credit card bill that was the work of a guy I was rooting for in 2007 and 2008: Barack Obama.

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Barack Obama likes to do what great leaders do. He does the work and he gives credit to others on the team. He did the work on health care reform and gave the credit to Nancy Pelosi. That is not to say Pelosi did not work on health care reform. Pelosi did big work on health care reform. Many other members of Congress did. But that one indispensable person was the president himself. He set the pace, he ran the race, and it was he who decided when it was finally time to end the debate and go for the vote. Too early or too late would have meant failure.

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Carolyn Maloney's failure to pass the 9/11 health bill shows she does not have the chops to get anything done in Congress. Senioritis is not what gets things done apparently. This time she was on her own, the president was on the sidelines busy doing other things. But now the president has pledged to get behind the 9/11 health bill. So the next time it is up for a vote, you can expect to see it passed.

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