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July 2010: The Busiest Month At This Blog So Far

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I started suspecting during the final week of July that it had been an unusually active month. Yesterday I looked up the archives. My suspicions were confirmed. July 2010 has been the busiest month so far at this blog. That is remarkable because July 2010 has been busier than those long months of 2007 and the first half of 2008 when I was doing a lot for Obama 08.

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I died a small death in June 2008. I am the body Reshma 2010 found in the water at the beginning of the first Bourne movie. Slowly but surely I am waking up. My hours into Reshma 2010 are making me do some major rethink in terms of my life and career. I am beginning to find myself. ($35 PC) I am beginning to find my groove.

Reshma 2010 is my on ramp to Obama 2010. The Barack-Hillary tussle was a contest. Either side could have won that one. The Barack-McCain thing was a no contest. Barack was surely going to win that one. But I did very much want to be there for the victory party, for the six month long victory party. Now it is contest time all over again. It is not at all clear which side will win in November. I am with Barack. Completely. Calling the Obama 08 spirits all over again. Wherever you are, wake up. It is time to go marching again.

This is now a Reshma Saujani blog. But I am going to keep the name. I would not want to hurt Barack's feelings.

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