Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hillary's Support For Reshma Can Not Be Spinned Away

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New York Daily News (blog): Clinton On Sidelines In NY Cong Race: Democrats are quietly working to kill rumors that Secretary of State Clinton is “unofficially” backing Democrat Reshma Saujani in her longshot bid to unseat Rep. Carolyn Maloney.......The whispers that Hillary Clinton is secretly backing Saujani enraged party officials and even some folks close to Clinton..... The rumors hit a new high mark this past weekend when the New York Post wrote that “Hillary Clinton … gave her campaign an unofficial nod of approval.” Maloney was surprised to read that since she has long been loyal to Clinton, a source told The Mouth...... Saujani has had a past professional relationship with Clinton, working with her political action committee to raise money and turning down a job she was offered at the State Department..... Saujani and Clinton did meet to talk about the campaign at one point ..... Maloney, meanwhile, was warned early in the campaign not to cart out any past endorsements from Clinton, who backed her in her previous races, a source said. Maloney pulled down from her website one reference to a past Clinton endorsement in the spring
Why would Hillary Clinton support Reshma Saujani? I could think of a few very good reasons.

One would be to say thank you. Reshma was the first scare Hillary 08 gave to Obama 08. Reshma is the reason Obama 08 nicknamed Hillary the Democrat from Punjab before a single vote had been cast. The second scare was the New Hampshire victory.

But it is my suspicion that the bigger reason is not about the past but the future. How would have an Indian felt in 1946? When independence was finally in sight? Hillary has dreamed of gender equality her entire life. And finally she sees it in plain sight.

September 14 Will Birth The New Woman

It also helps that they are friends.
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