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At the first community conversation on the Lower East Side I thought Reshma was in a presidential mood. She talked of her campaign that she has been running full speed for over 10 months now. I have told staffers - not jokingly - that she has been running for Congress like she were running for president. And she did talk of a four year term, when a Congressperson has a two year term. That totally went up my alley. I struggle to get excited about the legislative branch. Legislative is like, meh. I need a little more action to my routine than that. Once I was reading a book about the Bush presidency while Bush was in office, and I was gripped, and I remember thinking, I don't seem to care who is president as long as someone is, and I get to read up on the details.

Extrapolations To Reshma 2016

But at the second community conversation on the Upper East Side, she was more of in a legislative mood. She hinted at going from the House to the Senate and off to retirement to go build "schools for young girls in Afghanistan." She mentioned Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer in the same sentence. I think that is a hint at a state with two female Senators. If I were Schumer I'd get worried or I'd convince her to look in the direction of the White House instead, if she needs any convincing that is.

Community Conversation: Upper East Side
Reshma's Lower East Side Community Conversation

Thank God Reshma has not hinted at the judiciary. That is even less action than the legislative. Judiciary is not action, it is deliberation. I like to leave that to the judges. I am glad they are there, but I am glad I am not one of them. Respect.

Two Routes

One is to win in 2010, become Obama's running mate in 2012, and run for the top job in 2016. Another is to lose in 2010, run again and win in 2012, and then run for the top job in 2016. The first route is a surer path to a 2016 win, the second route is a surer path perhaps to a two term presidency.

My preference is for the first path. I am looking at a 2010 victory. I think we stand at 50-50 right now. We got enough time to tilt this thing. I think about a week before the election, the East Side is going electric, and then we should be able to totally swamp Maloney.

The thing is this. 2016 is to be the year of the first woman president. And it is for Reshma to make sure she is that woman. I think she is the best positioned. I mean, when was the last time a New Yorker went to the White House? FDR was the last one. And Albany has been in a flunk since. The best way to "reform" Albany is to send a New Yorker to the White House. What Albany has is a self esteem problem.

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In The News

New York Magazine: Maloney: Saujani Is Using ‘Karl Rove’ Tactics:Saujani says that her fellow Upper East Side Democrat has "questionable ethics" when it comes to fund-raising, and that "Maloney ranks at the bottom of our New York delegation, and I’m saying that on the record. And I think Carolyn Maloney represents the problem. We have in Congress, I think, a lot of mediocre representatives.”

The Villager: Campaign Wedge Issue?: The reporter, it seems, was simply blown away by Saujani’s cool-looking black patent leather Kate Spades, with 3-inch wedge heels — which resulted in her writing 24 column inches all about them..... Community Media’s editorial board met with Saujani for an endorsement interview on Tuesday, and, of course, we naturally had to check if she was wearing the Kate Spade wedges. She wasn’t, and in fact, says she’s NEVER going to wear them again after the Times article. She said she was really disappointed by the Times story — especially after having spoken to the reporter at length on policy issues. “She spent four hours with me — and she wrote about my shoes!” Saujani said incredulously.... The 14th District includes Stuyvesant Town, runs down the middle of the East Village and includes a swath of the Lower East Side. Saujani lives in the East Village, where she is a huge fan of Native Bean cafe on Avenue A.

The Buzz Log: Power Shoes Turn Heads On The Web:Forget about the power suit. For a bunch of young politicos, it's all about the power shoe. When Reshma Saujani, a candidate running in the New York Democratic primary, admitted to wearing a Kate Spade wedge to pound the pavement, the news inspired a stampede of searches. The three-inch, round-toe, black-patent wedge called the "Halle," has become the "it" shoe for a circle of female political types, according to a story in the New York Times. Word of the must-have item caused a run on the shoes on Yahoo!: One-day lookups for "kate spade halle" spiked 625%. Shoe lovers voted with their feet with searches on "Kate spade wedges," "kate spade wedge shoes," and "kate spade halle wedge."

Roosevelt Islander: Newcomer Reshma Saujani Challenges Incumbent Carolyn Maloney For Roosevelt Island Congressional Seat - Meet Ms Saujani At Town Hall Sunday August 29:Roosevelt Island's longtime representative in Congress, Carolyn Maloney of the 14th Congressional District, is facing a strong challenge from relative newcomer Reshma Saujami, a lawyer.... Ms. Saujani will be visiting Roosevelt Island this Sunday.

Brief Wit: Carolyn, No.: It’s taken some two months of bickering (and felt like six) but Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney has finally agreed to debate challenger Reshma Saujani a week before the September 14th primary for New York’s 14th District. Thanks to Celeste Katz at the Daily News for being beyond patient in continuing to cover this topic. This is terrific news, the East Side of Manhattan and Queens will have its first debate in eons. File into the auditorium, dim the lights, dab on some makeup, and let the cameras roll. I hope Gabe Pressman comes out of the woodwork for this one! Wait–what’s that you say? The debate’s not going to be on TV? Why not? Can I even go see it in person, Lincoln/Douglas style? No!? Then, where is it? And how will we know who is wearing the infamous Kate Spade wedge? It’s on the radio? What’s that, some doohickey that emits live podcasts? Sounds experimental..... Huh? It’s on in the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday? But who can listen to it then? .... Oh, I think I cracked the code on that one, along with anyone else who spent a second considering it: she’s afraid she has a face made for radio.....Reshma, who has probably crossed the East River campaigning more times than the Roosevelt Island Tram...... Maybe Team Maloney is trying to pay homage to the 50th anniversary of the Nixon/Kennedy debates or something? ...... Being good in-person is important to being good in Congress. .... having to debate at all opens up the possbility of a Maloney gaffe ..... It’s hard to say where this race is right now with a lack of recent polling. Reshma probably has the momentum, but how far up the hill will it push her? I’ve seen more Reshma placards pasted around restaurants and bodegas in my neighborhood than I expected...... A smuggled-in cell phone camera wouldn’t hurt either.

Fair: NYT Piece On Candidate's Shoes Is Irrelevant, Trivial And Sexist--According To Its Author:This might be the first time that a reporter has attempted to justify covering a non-newsworthy topic on the grounds that it is not particularly newsworthy.

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