Monday, August 09, 2010

Iran, Obama 2010, Reshma 2010

Right now Reshma 2010 takes up a lot of my time. It has been a healing experience for me. It feels to me like slowly but surely I am regaining my health, I am regaining my sprint. And a Reshma 2010 victory on September 14 will allow me to pick up where I left off with Barack. June 2008 to August 2010 will have been a long gap, but better late than never. I am beginning to feel the November victory already. A victory in November would be to defy history, but then this dude defied a much bigger history trajectory in November 2008. I see him doing it again. And I intend to play my part.

Reshma 2010 is my on ramp to Obama 2010. Reshma 2010 is going to merge fully with Obama 2010. The national effort is going to become Reshma 2010's primary focus after September 14, because her district is comfortably Democratic. The Republican candidate does not stand a chance. And her national visibility is only going to add to her November inevitability. It is not like her national involvement will come at the expence of her personal chances in November.


But I am a Third World guy, a Global South dude. The political challenge that my heart really, truly aches for is the democracy movement in Iran. I need to do some fundraising to be able to pour myself into that.

Reshma showed up yesterday in a green dress.

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