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Reshma's Integrity On Ground Zero Mosque And Wall Street

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The Washington Post: Democrats' Craven Silence On Ground Zero Mosque Continues: I asked Chuck Schumer's office for his position on the Islamic center this morning. All his spokesman would say is that he "not opposed" to the plan. Asked for Schumer's views of the opposition, and asked if he actively supports the right of the center's builders to put it two blocks from Ground Zero, Schumer's spokesman declined to elaborate and said Schumer was declining an interview. ..... Schumer is also refusing to answer direct questions from reporters about this topic. ...... Dem Rep. Anthony Weiner, who's been widely hailed as a hero on the left for his supposed willingness to engage the opposition, is also refusing to say word boo about his position on the Islamic center. ...... he can't bring himself to stand up for their right to worship two blocks from Ground Zero. ...... Here's another Dem who has done the right thing: Reshma Saujani, an attorney and activist who is running against Dem Rep. Carolyn Maloney of Manhattan.
President Obama needs to give this country a second stimulus bill, and this is what it has to look like. Reshma wins big on September 14, and he needs to outright go ahead and endorse her to make doubly sure she wins on September 14. Then he crisscrosses the country with her all the way to November. She requests her to raise as much money as possible. She enters Congress. He asks her to help him mend the frayed relationship between Wall Street and Main Street. That is what the second stimulus "bill" will look like. You want Reshma Saujani in Congress because you want this country to go back to work. This Reshma-Maloney contest stopped being just about District 14 a long time ago.

The bozos don't tire of calling Reshma "Wall Street's candidate." These are people who wish a permanent 10% unemployment rate on this country. Reshma wants that to come down to a more manageable 5%. And she knows the US federal government can not afford another trillion dollar stimulus bill. But she also knows private companies are sitting on a trillion and a half dollars that they could be putting to good use right now but aren't because Wall Street demonization has gone too far. When Maloney criticizes workers on Wall Street for making their individual contributions to Reshma which they can do as citizens while taking gobs of Wall Street PAC money herself, you know Wall Street demonization has gone too far, you know Maloney's hypocrisy has monkeyed to ever new heights.

Reshma Saujani was John Kerry's top 10 fundraisers in 2004. But that was in the pre-Wall Street demonization era, and so noone called her Wall Street's fundraiser back then. And now she has been raising money like an incumbent, and bozos are like, wait a minute.

She is really good at raising money. Like really, really, really, really good. Fundraising happens to be one of my personal blind spots, so I appreciate it even more. Da how?

"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." (Bible)

Money, message, organization are the three fundamentals. She is exceptionally good at all three of them. I have never met or read about a politician anywhere who was so exceptionally good at all three. Most people are good at one or two of the three at most. Some are excellent at one of the three. She is excellent at all three. That is remarkable.
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