Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mainstream Media Kept Saying John Liu Was Losing

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Last year the buzz was that John Liu was losing. From the New York Times all the way down to mid level magazines, the buzz was Yassky was winning. It was close. It was a tossup. And of course there were unfair comments about John Liu, to the point at one instance John called his opponent "the three headed Yassky."

At the end of the day John Liu won easy. Later in November he got more votes than Bloomberg.

And I am seeing some of the same media bias against Reshma. Several of the print magazines have been putting out articles that are in absolute no resonance with what is actually happening at the ground level.

It used to be Reshma Saujani, Wall Street's candidate. Now it is Reshma Saujani, sure to lose candidate. These remind me of some of the negative articles about John Liu I used to read.

The answer is to keep focused on the fundamentals of the campaign, to focus on new/social media, more on community media.

Although I must say some TV spots have been good.

More than one newspaper article has quoted polls supplied by the Maloney campaign that are months old.

Challenging an entrenched incumbent is not easy. But some of the mainstream media makes that task harder by perpetuating some outdated attitudes.

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