Thursday, August 26, 2010

Maloney, You Are Not Reshma's Role Model

Al Sharpton by David ShankboneImage via WikipediaOne question Maloney has consistently asked is as to why Reshma can't run for City Council first like Maloney did. Why does a run for Congress have to be Reshma's first run for office? That question is a primary theme in a Village Voice hack article by Wayne Barrett.

Wayne Barrett: Suspicious Package
Village Idiot Wayne Barrett

Why did not Bill Gates go work at IBM first and acquire some experience? Why did he start a company? Beats me. Beats Maloney.

You can expect dumb people like Carolyn Maloney to pose a question like this one. If she were smart, she would have posed a question like this in 1999: Why am I voting for Wall Street deregulation when this could cause a mega recession? If she were smart she would have posed questions like these in the early 2000s. Why am I voting for the Iraq War? Why am I voting for the Patriot Act? Why am I voting to make life easy for oil companies and hard for the ordinary people? If she were smart.

There is a very, extremely direct relationship between Carolyn Maloney asking as to why Reshma can't run for City Council first and her absolutely refusing to debate Reshma Saujani in a series of TV debates. This woman lacks fundamental respect for the democratic process. This woman has no respect whatsoever for the voters. Her personal net worth of 20 million dollars blinds her.

Someone running for a political office as a career move is at the low end. At the high end someone runs for office because it is a calling. For Reshma Saujani running for Congress is a calling. The Great Recession is now. This country can't afford for Reshma to lose now and run again in 2012 and win. That might make sense for Reshma's personal political career, but it makes no sense for the district, for the city and for the country. Reshma has to win now, Reshma has to win this very first time.

The biggest reason Reshma can't run for City Council before she runs for Congress? Carolyn Maloney is not her role model. She has never mentioned or hinted to me that Carolyn Maloney might be her role model. I am 100% positive Carolyn Maloney is not Reshma Saujani's role model.

After Bill Clinton was done with Yale, he went to Arkansas and ran for Congress. That dude knew Arkansas like the back of his hand. I am sure he could have found a City Council seat to run for somewhere in those woods.

Reshma Is Bigger Than Hillary

Reshma Saujani and Carolyn Maloney don't even live in the same political city, let alone the same political neighborhood. Maloney, you are out of your league in comparing yourself to Reshma Saujani. You are Al Sharpton. Reshma is Barack Obama. Al Sharpton is a good guy, but he never was Barack Obama's role model.
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