Monday, August 30, 2010

Powell, Rangel, Harlem

New York Times: Powell vs. Rangel: Testy Remake After 40 Years: About 30 years ago, Representative Charles B. Rangel invited a 19-year-old summer intern named Adam Clayton Powell IV into his office at the United States Capitol for an emotional conversation: He had run a bruising primary campaign in 1970 to unseat Mr. Powell’s father, he acknowledged, ending the career of a celebrated Harlem politician....... These days, it is the younger Adam Clayton Powell who is trying to take Mr. Rangel out. And he is making no apologies. ..... relentlessly attacking the 80-year-old lawmaker ..... has called Mr. Rangel’s conduct “corrupt,” described his bid for a 21st term as “pointless” ...... After blithely ignoring his six rivals for the last year, or tersely dismissing them as unqualified, Mr. Rangel has started to take unexpected jabs at Mr. Powell ...... The attacks, however, have only raised Mr. Powell’s profile in a contest awash with personal history and deep-rooted family rivalries. Mr. Rangel has held his seat for 40 years, but the streets of Harlem still echo with the name of Mr. Powell’s father ....... his father was something of a god in Harlem ..... “Charles Rangel became part of the system. He embraces the political trade and the political games, and he rejoices in the backslapping and connections.” ...... Mr. Powell cultivated a loyal base of voters that he felt Mr. Rangel, the darling of Central and West Harlem, had overlooked: the Puerto Rican and Hispanic voters in the district’s eastern section. ...... Mr. Powell conceded that the relationship with the intern was “inappropriate” ..... “If the worst I have is a violation because somebody thinks I had one too many, I will take it,” he said of his conviction for driving while impaired. ..... The campaign has about $20,000, compared with $500,000 for Mr. Rangel ....... at 62, Joyce S. Johnson “should be planning her own retirement, not Charlie Rangel’s retirement.” ..... Powell introduced himself to three women on the sidewalk. Each urged him on. ..... “Keep it in the family,” said one of them. “It’s time for a change,” said another. “What goes around comes around”

I guess Harlem is seeing some high drama.
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