Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Al Hagan: Capable Of A Hate Crime

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9/11 did not happen yesterday. It happened almost a decade ago. Maloney had a decade before that to acquire "seniority," (instead of seniority, what she has acquired is senioritis) and to learn the ropes in Congress, and she has had a decade since to bring those skills to use to the service of the firefighters of this city, and she has failed. And Al Hagan has failed with her.

No one said their trying to get this bill passed was a bad idea, and I hope it passes in some form down the line, because it is a necessary bill.

" should be joining the scores of advocates in support of its future passage."

Well Al Hagan, that is precisely the plan. That is what she intends to do when she is in Congress starting this Fall. And that is why you need to at least go neutral in this primary. Just because you have been hanging out with Maloney over the years does not make her worth endorsing. Let the democratic process decide who should be your Congressperson.

Al Hagan's logic goes something like this. 9/11. I am a labor boss. 9/11. Maloney is in Congress. 9/11. We wanted this 9/11 health bill passed, but that was almost a decade ago. 9/11. We have been trying every year since to get it passed. 9/11. We have been failing. 9/11. I had coffee with Maloney the other day. 9/11. I hope you did not hear about it, but the bill's passage failed all over again. 9/11. And if you are going to criticize my incompetence, and Maloney's incompetence, do not forget that 9/11 happened. 9/11.

This is as convoluted as logic gets. This logic is so convoluted, I think this guy is capable of a hate crime.

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