Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Organized Labor Bosses Backing Maloney Are Acting Blind And Stupid

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I was slightly worried when the labor bosses were all with Hillary in the fall of 2007. Bu then once the election results started pouring in it became very obvious to me that these labor bosses are like reptilian tails, they are like the big tail of a dinosaur. You don't look at that tail to look at future trends. That tail is absolutely the last to move. The labor bosses don't give you victory. They come to you after your victory. And that's fine. We welcome them to our victory party on September 14 with open arms.

Maybe these labor bosses are not educated people. When was the last time they read a book?

They are like, oh, Maloney voted for health care reform and so we are for Maloney. The election against the Republican candidate is in November, stupid. The two people on the ballot on September 14 were both for health care reform. They are both Democrats.

Maloney voted for health care reform. Of course she voted for health care reform. She is your classic checkbox Democrat. But someone who votes for health care reform is not good enough to be representing District 14. District 14 is special. You want someone in Congress who would have provided leadership on health care reform. You want a thought leader. You want a national halo around your Congressperson. You want a Super Star. You deserve better than Maloney. Maloney is too "ordinary." (The Washington Post)
NYDaily News: Reshma Saujani Says: Check The Facts, NY-14: a new "Check The Facts" web page .... Maloney has spent more time at posh fundraisers than doing her job on Wall Street reform....... Carolyn Maloney compromised her integrity by engaging in the same unethical behavior as eight other House members currently under investigation
NYDaily News: Firefighters Hammer Maloney Opponent on 9/11 Remarks
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