Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hard Fact For Al Hagan: Maloney Failed To Pass 9/11 Health Bill

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NYDaily News: Firefighters Hammer Maloney Opponent on 9/11 Remarks

That is the hard fact for Al Hagan, the firefighters' labor boss dude. Carolyn Maloney tried to pass the 9/11 health bill. That shows her heart is in the right place on the issue. But she failed to pass it. That shows she is too incompetent to do her job.

Al Hagan should have been questioning her right now. Look, Carolyn, whatever you did there is not working. Instead he is defending her failure. Why would that be? I think I know why. Because Hagan himself was part of that Maloney effort. Maloney failing is Hagan failing and perhaps the firefighters of this city should keep that in mind the next time this dude is up for reelection for his office of firefighter labor boss.

He still has the option to do the right thing. He can look at the facts. And he can say, look people, I was betting on the wrong horse. I thought Maloney could do it, but she was not able to. And so let's have a change of guard. Let's get ourselves a new Congressperson who might actually be competent. And then let's try to get the 9/11 health bill passed. Hopefully we will with new, capable leadership. Let's shoot for 2011.

This don't you criticize us, we are the 9/11 firefighters attitude is not flying with me. That is one of many wrong uses of the 9/11 tragedy. That is disrespectful. The issue here is that there is a job that needs to get done and it is not getting done.

Maloney is a sinking ship. Vacate.
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