Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Carolyn Maloney's Work On The Second Avenue Subway Line

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney: "Ten years ago, when we first started talking about the possibility of building a Second Avenue Subway, people scoffed. I have been championing the project in Congress...."
Maloney has been taking credit for a non existent Second Avenue subway line on the campaign trail. Maloney lacks integrity at a fundamental level.

  1. In 1920 Maloney first came up with the idea. 
  2. The Great Depression disrupted her work. Shame on the Great Depression.
  3. World War II disrupted her work. Shame on World War II.
  4. She got back to work after World War II was finally over. 
  5. Every time Maloney tried to get down to work, the estimated cost went up, and so Maloney was perturbed. But she kept looking for fresh starts every few years for decades. 
  6. 1972. Maloney was part of a groundbreaking, one of many it seems. 
  7. In the 1990s Maloney got down to it again. Her enthusiasm was still at a high level after decades of false starts. 
  8. Many steps, small and big, were taken all through the 1990s and the 2000s. Maloney would like to take credit for them all. 
And now you know how the Second Avenue subway line came to be. Go take a ride. Enjoy. And sign the online petition that wants the Second Avenue subway line renamed in Carolyn Maloney's name.

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Reshma Saujani Goes on the Attack Against Carolyn Maloney in Upper East Side Congressional Race
May 21, 2010 ..... Maloney ripped off her ideas on immigration and entrepreneurial innovation. ...... Maloney introduced the bill, which calls for granting two-year visas to immigrants who begin start-ups with qualified investors, on the House floor on April 29, eight days after a Saujani Op-Ed piece proposing a similar idea
Carolyn Maloney Recycles Hillary Clinton "Endorsement" On Campaign Website
The Upper East Side congresswoman's website shows an apparent endorsement from the former senator..... Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney has proposed a spate of immigration and economic development bills that challenger Reshma Saujani said borrow from her own ideas. ........ AsSecretary of StateHillary Clinton can't endorse political candidates. But that hasn't stopped Carolyn Maloney from recycling an old quote and using an image of Clinton to make it look like the former senator is backing the Upper East Side congresswoman's reelection bid.
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