Saturday, August 28, 2010

Iran Feelers To The CIA And The California Society For Democracy In Iran

I sent out a feeler to the CIA through its website several weeks ago. I have not heard from them. I guess that is a cold track. Today I have sent out an email to the California Society For Democracy In Iran. I am not positive they will respond.

California Society For Democracy In Iran

When they awarded Albert Einstein the Nobel Prize, it was not for the Theory Of Relativity. It was for something much more benign called the photoelectric effect.

I have a really hard time getting people to take my butterfly effect talk seriously, even when the same also impacted a presidential election in this very country. It only works when the conditions are optimum, which is rare, but it works. And the optimum conditions can be created over time.

The First Time I Heard The Obama Name

At first I was hesitant regards to the CIA. But then I figured, what the heck. It is not like the regime in Iran is ever going to think I am on their side in the first place. Besides, what I was shooting for was open intelligence, information that is publicly available to anyone. Right now I am thinking it is a no go. I don't get to raise money, I don't get to put in the work for Iran. And that is how I end up with the tech sector. (Larry Ellison)

I have beat Bill Clinton two times so far, and I was hoping to beat him a third time. But I guess perhaps not. My calling perhaps is in the tech sector. I really like this Reshma video where she is making fun of Indians who change their names to Bobby and Nikki. But even this talk does not go far enough for me.

I am the Bobby Kennedy Hillary talked about. I am the reason why Hillary did not become Vice President although she really, really wanted to. Charlie Rangel was not sitting next to Hillary at the Democratic Convention in 2004, but he was in 2008. That did not look good, not good at all.

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