Saturday, August 28, 2010

Iran, Iran, Iran

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I have been meaning to put in a little more work into Iran than I have so far. Reshma 2010 has been a "distraction!" Much of what I have wanted to say, I have already said. I knocked on some doors, made some calls. I have blogged. I have gone to some events. (Reshma On CNBC)

Working on a democracy movement is a different mindset. It is more intense. The ground realities are different.

My tech blogging is blogging. But my political blogging is more digital activism. It is like transporting yourself to the various theaters of action, like in the Matrix movies.

My tech blog was really picking up traffic, and then I seemed to have switched my major focus over here to this political blog. I should go back some and ride that traffic wave. I had also started to get very many text link ads. I get enough of those and I will have become a pro blogger.

Maybe I am a startup guy after all. I had started to say politics was my baseball, not my career. It still is not. But it has taken a bunch of my time in the recent weeks. Or maybe I am a blogger dude. That would be a good thing to be while I wait for my green card. And then I would have the startup option. Things will have "thawed" more by then.

I am going to the community conversation events tomorrow and the day after, I think, perhaps, maybe. (Gandhi, Reshma And Tornadoes) After that the Google Alerts on the Reshma Saujani name will drive my tempo. I hope I get some of my own work done. Less politics, more work.

I really should look some into Iran. District 14 is not in dire straits. Iran is.

I am the butterfly effect guy. That is a very different tempo from the nitty gritty of an American political campaign.

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