Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Send Maloney An Absentee Ballot In DC

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Carolyn Maloney has been missing in inaction. (Carolyn Maloney: Missing In Inaction) She claims she has been too busy in DC "creating jobs" to bother showing up for debates. Only a few days back she told a Queens newspaper that if she did not have an opponent in the primary "I would not be here today talking to you."

She has stayed far away from her district. She has stayed far away from New York City. She has been holed up in DC like you might think a war was on and bombs were raining in on London.

I fear she has been so busy in DC "creating jobs" she might not even show up on election day, September 14. My compassion says mail her an absentee ballot right about now. She might not even show up to vote.

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