Sunday, August 15, 2010

Al Hagan, Carolyn Maloney: Did They Apologize Yet?

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Express India: Indian-American Wins Primary For Congressional Polls: Reshma Saujani is giving a tough fight to veteran fellow Democrat Carolyn Maloney for the primary to be held in September for the Congressional seat from New York's 14th District.
Misery loves company. Carolyn Maloney is incompetent, and so is the firefighters' labor boss Al Hagan. These two individuals' attitude towards the failed 9/11 health bill has been the most perplexing aspect so far for me of the ongoing Reshma-Maloney contest. They have done everything except throw an outright victory party for the failed 9/11 health bill.

The first responders deserve better. The brave firefighters of this great city deserve better.
These two people have failed to get the 9/11 health bill passed year after year after year. They failed in 2001, in 2002, in 2003, in 2004, in 2005, in 2006, in 2007, in 2008, in 2009, and now they have failed again in 2010.

The question I am asking is if you were one of the first responders on September 11, 2001, and you got injured, do your injuries wait for your Congressperson and labor boss to get their act together and get a health bill passed in Congress? As in, do the blood cells take some time off? Does the decay go into freeze mode? Do the body processes patiently wait? I am guessing not. And if they wait, do they wait a full decade?

This whole Maloney-Hagan drama would be hilarious if it were not so tragic. Shamelessly invoking 9/11 does not seem to be a cure for basic incompetence.
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