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Wayne Barrett: Suspicious Package

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Wayne Barrett has a track record of doing the bidding for the Maloney 2010 campaign manager dude. Barrett puts out hack articles on behalf of whoever this campaign manager dude might be working for at any particular time. It is okay to do paid blog posts, but when you do the FCC requires that you make it clear it is a paid blog post. Wayne Barrett has violated the FCC rules, and the same people who are going after Rangel, and should be but are not going after Maloney need to now go after this Wayne Barrett guy. (Rangel And Maloney Need To Vacate The Premises And For The Same Reasons) This guy is a disgrace to journalism in this city. I hereby report this asshole Wayne Barrett as a suspicious package. Like Bush said. Where is President Bush when I need him? (Bush: Genius? Visionary?)

What Maloney 2010 and its lackeys like Wayne Barrett have been saying for months since the start of this race is Reshma Saujani's weakest point is actually her strongest. This country's biggest crisis right now is its 10% unemployment rate. That kind of unemployment sustained for too long could lead to social unrest and potential domestic terrorism. A high unemployment level is a security threat. Mending the frayed relationship between Wall Street and Main Street to get the private sector to invest two trillion dollars into the creation of new jobs has got to be this country's very top priority. When she is in Congress, Reshma Saujani is going to be best positioned of all people in Congress to bring that mending about.

To say Reshma Saujani's Wall Street experience is a bad thing is to say Howard Dean's being a medical doctor is a bad thing. You can list me all the names of all the departments and Wall Street firms that Reshma worked for and that does not change a thing. It takes me one split second to decide not only does Reshma have Wall Street knowledge but that she was entrepreneurial. In tech you could go work for a big company like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Intel or Google, or you could go work for a small startup. On Wall Street Reshma had a tendency to go work for small startup types.

Goldman Sachs paid a huge fine to the SEC. That does not make all workers of Goldman Sachs criminals. One of Reshma's former bosses was indicted for something. You can't rope in Reshma into that. That is not how justice works in real life, or in Hollywood, and it should not on the campaign trail.

Hedge funds were supposed to be these small, agile, innovative entities. Perhaps they still will be. A lot of dot coms flamed out in the late 1990s. I would know. I was part of a few of them. That does not make me a criminal.

Candidate Reshma has always been for Wall Street reform. Actually she feels like the reform did not go far enough. Candidate Reshma has not taken a dime in corporate PAC money from Wall Street or any other industry. People who think individuals working on Wall Street no longer have a right to make their individual contributions to political candidates are one step away from denying the Bill of Rights to the people working on Wall Street. That is not Wall Street reform. That is Wall Street demonization. And this country can not afford to pay the price of Wall Street demonization.

Congress made Wall Street bad behavior possible. That Congress has not been reformed. There is a direct relationship between Maloney voting for deregulation in 1999 and the Great Recession 10 years later. Maloney should be indicted. If not, she needs to be voted out.

Maloney owns BP stocks. Don't tell me that has not swayed her votes on the oil industry. She was with Bush-Cheney on the Iraq War, on the Patriot Act, and on oil industry legislation. Blaming Maloney for the Gulf Oil Spill is not political sleight of hand. It is like adding two plus two and saying the answer is four.
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