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Baruch Plus Radio Plus NY1 Could Work

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New York Observer: Reshma Camp Hasn't Accepted Debate Invite: "We need a debate that will be seen by voters in the district," said Saujani campaign spokesman James Allen.... they are still looking to find out what the details are, including how long the Q and A session with audience listeners will last and whether or not there will be television cameras present.... Saujani's campaign noted that the pair have received four invitations to debate—from NY1, from the League of Women Voters, from Baruch College and from a TV station in Queens—and would like to do any of those in addition the WWRL debate.... They also note that they are still trying to discuss the matter with the Maloney campaign. "We have not had any conversations with her campaign. Our campaign left multiple messages this afternoon for Matt Tepper, Maloney's campaign manager, and our calls were not returned."

I have not talked to anybody on the campaign staff or anything like that, so I am not speaking on behalf of the campaign or anything like that, but this would be my stand. Reshma 2010 will accept the radio debate invite for September 7 if Maloney will accept the Baruch College debate invite.

Presidential candidates have debated at Baruch College. Maloney is never going to run for president, but this would be her last chance to debate in such an august setting.

Who does Carolyn Maloney think she is?

The best thing would be to accept all four debate invites. It is about democracy.

In The News

NBC New York: Rep. Maloney Agrees to Debate Primary Opponent -- on Radio:For the first time in 18 years, Maloney faces a serious challenge in her "Silk Stocking District" ..... calls Maloney "a mediocre but reliable Democrat." ..... accused Maloney of "not telling the truth" in her interview with NBCNewYork when she said the two campaign staffs were in talks about debate plans. ...... But with the debate on radio and not open to TV cameras, voters won't get the full debate experience, which includes body language .... Some may conclude that by refusing to debate on camera, Maloney avoids giving TV air time to her attractive, younger opponent.
New York Observer: Maloney to Reshma: We're On:This is something of a risky move for Maloney, since letting your opponent onto a debate stage has a tendency to elevate them in the public's mind. Plus, it increases the chances that a favorite may say something she regrets—something Maloney is known for.... her campaign figured that Saujani's criticisms were weighing down Maloney's chances. That, or, her team just got tired of hearing about it
New York Observer: Saujani Taking It To The People: The first on, scheduled for August 23rd at the 14 Street Y, looks like it will be the most star-studded affair, or what passes for star-studded when talking about neighborhood town halls. There, Saujani will be joined by Ronnie Cho, who achieved some buzz for appearing in a documentary about the Obama campaign in his boxer shorts; Dodge Landesman, who ran for the City Council while still in high school and was profiled in the New Yorker, and Arthur Schwartz, a lawyer for ACORN.
The Associated Press: Mosque Debate Divides Democrats, Especially In NY: Democrats control both Senate seats and 27 of the state's 29 Congressional districts, but analysts believe as many as eight House Democrats in the state may be headed to defeat this year..... House Democrats have been opposing the construction of a $100 million Islamic center two blocks from the World Trade Center site. ..... Developers of the planned Islamic center known as Park51 have plans for a 13-story structure featuring a pool, gym and 500-seat auditorium, as well as a mosque and Sept. 11 memorial..... Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler, who faces only token opposition as he seeks his 10th term, has been one of the most outspoken advocates of the project. Nadler's district includes the World Trade Center site..... Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney, who faces a feisty primary challenge from attorney Reshma Saujani, announced her support for the Islamic Center two weeks ago but is being pushed by Saujani to speak out more forcefully. The primary is Sept. 14. "This is a major debate unfolding in our city and country, and our leaders ... are weighing in with lukewarm statements," said Saujani, who strongly supports the project.
Salon: The Politics Of Sore Loserdom: In an extraordinary display of gracelessness, Artur Davis, the Alabama congressman who was badly defeated in his party's gubernatorial primary in June, has penned an Op-Ed attacking the man who beat him, Ron Sparks. ... displaying unusually poor post-primary behavior .... When he was elected to the House in '02, some heralded him as an up-and-comer who might someday be the country's first black president. ..... When the 42-year-old Davis began his campaign, he was seen as a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination, making the final outcome that much more startling ...... Davis’ 24-point drubbing came from his aloof campaign style ..... Davis largely eschewed the roll-up-your-sleeves, stand-on-the-back-of-a-rusty-pickup politicking that is still imperative for Southern candidates ..... many of the black churches Davis ignored. ..... Davis’ misdirected anger well reflects the sense of entitlement not uncommon to incumbents everywhere, many of whom routinely neglect their bases
Washington Examiner: John Legend Talks Politics On The Red Carpet:Legend told us that in addition to Patrick, whom he supports because of the governor’s focus on education, he endorses his friend and congressional candidate from New York, Reshma Saujani. So who else does Legend back? President Obama.

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