Thursday, July 15, 2010

Maloney Wrote A Book Saying Her Best Is Not Good Enough

"You may have heard the rumors: The glass ceiling has been shattered. Gender discrimination has gone the way of the woolly mammoth. Violence against women is under control....."

Carolyn Maloney can not do better than she has already done. She has had 18 years in Congress. That was enough time to do what she needed to do, for herself and for others. There is a reason presidents get limited to eight years. Eight years are enough. If you can not do in eight years, you can not do in more than eight years. But 18? That is way more than enough.

Carolyn Maloney's time is up. It is time for fresh perspectives, a new leadership. The torch needs to be passed to a new generation.

Carolyn Maloney has been piloting the Apollo 13. Mission Not Accomplished.

It is time for a new pilot, it is time for a new mission. It is time to go to the moon.

Carolyn Maloney Recycles Hillary Clinton "Endorsement" On Campaign Website
The Upper East Side congresswoman's website shows an apparent endorsement from the former senator..... Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney has proposed a spate of immigration and economic development bills that challenger Reshma Saujani said borrow from her own ideas. ........ As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton can't endorse political candidates. But that hasn't stopped Carolyn Maloney from recycling an old quote and using an image of Clinton to make it look like the former senator is backing the Upper East Side congresswoman's reelection bid.

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