Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Bobby Will Run In 2016

To me this is a clear sign Bobby will run for president in 2016.

Jindal said to be next leader for top GOP post
Gov. Bobby Jindal to head Republican Governors Association in 2013
running the GOP governors association would make Jindal and Christie key GOP players in articulating the Republican view on the president's agenda during his second term .... Previous heads of the Republican Governors Association, most notably Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Romney, who served as Massachusetts governor, followed their leadership terms with presidential runs. ..... Jindal, who is term limited from seeking a third term as governor
That is what Bill Clinton was before he ran for president, chair of his governors' association.

Bobby does have a shot. In about four years the pendulum will have swung in the other direction. There would have been a full recovery by then. And the idea of a smaller government might be appealing.

I have been an Independent since 2008. I am fair game. On social issues people in this country agree to disagree. On economic issues Jindal might start making sense by 2016.

I have no doubt as to his talents. It is just that I am an Independent and he is a Republican.
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