Thursday, October 04, 2012

The First Debate

Mitt Romney is a decent debater. I must give him that. He did well.

The president stood his ground.

I did not watch it live, but thanks to the New York Times, I was able to watch it all on YouTube a few hours later. I was hoping to watch and tweet it live. Oh well.

There was not a clear winner. I guess most people stayed with who they were with before the debate began. That piles up the pressure on the future debates.

America is not about to see a dramatic uptick to its economy. Because I don't see a second stimulus on the horizon. The tax cuts in the first stimulus were a mistake. All that money should have been actively spent. The center piece of the stimulus needed to be about taking every American to gigabit broadband era.

It will be a close election, but Obama will win.
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