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Obama Should Go For It On October 16

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Mitt Romney used to be as progressive as Mike Bloomberg on social issues when his playing field was Massachusetts. He was pro choice, he was for gun control. He was pretty much a liberal.

And then he decided to run for president, and he flip flopped because, let's face it, the base of the Republican Party is to the hard right.

Considering how easily he disowned his own tax plan - the centerpiece of his program - during the first debate, I would like someone to tell me where Mitt stands on abortion today. Because, with this guy, you never know.

Don't get me wrong. I am not a big fan of clocks that are right two times a day. People changing their mind is often a good thing. You did not believe in climate change. And then you did your homework. And you changed your mind. How is that a bad thing? You were pro segregation, then you listened to some of MLK's speeches, and you changed your mind. You became a little less racist. How is that a bad thing?

But with Mitt it is weird. I never thought Mitt was a rabid racist, or a rabid sexist or a rabid anything. He became anti abortion. But that is like, there was this guy who was pro segregation in the 1950s, and then two decades later, in the 1970s, he became pro slavery.

That is not someone changing his mind, that is clinical to me.

Mitt's stand on abortion is something like that, only Mitt being pro choice was nothing heartfelt. That stand was a product of market research.

But someone flip flopping on abortion is less harmful than someone fundamentally flip flopping on their fundamental tax plan. Because on abortion, let's face it, the law of the land is not about to be overturned.

But a tax plan is kind of an important detail. That impacts pretty much all other major decisions you take as president. The economy is still recovering. Economic policy details matter. Mitt's tax cut plan will invite back the Depression we just barely avoided.

For two years Mitt was for five trillion dollars in tax cuts, and two trillion dollars in additional spending on defense. Okay, I get it. Those two details would make hard core conservatives happy. I get it, I get it. Tax cuts and strong on defense. I truly get it.

But then when you flip flop on that, I kind of like it. That is progress. If Mitt Romney is no longer for his tax cuts, like he said during the first debate, I want to know. This is a good kind of change of mind.

Going from being pro choice to anti choice is going backwards in time. But if Mitt is walking away from his five trillion tax cut plan, that is progress. That means he read some of Barack Obama's speeches, and spent some time reflecting, and he had an epiphany. I like that. I am not going to hold that against the guy. Frankly, that is what I have wanted all along. I have wanted Mitt to not be for a five trillion dollar tax cut.

But if that is his new plan the American people have a right to know. Where exactly do you stand, Mitt? If you now stand where Obama has stood all these years, welcome aboard. Maybe you can lead the Republicans in the House and bring forth some bipartisan action.

Since there is no longer a substantial difference between you and my guy Barack, are we now competing on style? We are all for it. My guy has a ton of style. They are about to put him on GQ. Again.

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