Sunday, May 22, 2022

Putin Is Scheduled To Vacate Ukraine Tail Between Legs

We Should Say It. Russia Is Fascist.

It is fair to say it is for the president of Ukraine to decide when and how he will engage in peace talks with his madman adversary. Supplying aid and weapons is one thing. But actually fighting is quite another. And, remember, America offered to fly Zelensky out of the country. Do you want to go? No, I want to stay and fight. Send me some ammo.

Where things stand right now, if we stay on that trajectory, Putin vacates Ukraine tail between legs. And that will be a good outcome. It is in the very nature of dictatorships that when Putin sees military defeat in Ukraine, he will lose support in his inner circles in Moscow. Putin's inner circles function like a prison yard. You watch your back, I will watch mine.

Zelensky is a hero for democracy.

A middle point can be that the Russian army vacates all of Ukraine and there is an internationally supervised referendum in Crimea to decide its final status. If that will get Putin out of the backyard, and we can stop playing will he, will he not about his possible use of nuclear weapons, that middle ground is worth the price for peace. And, of course, he pays for the rebuidling of Ukraine. He has plenty of money in western banks.

There is always a political solution. Just wars are also about arriving at peaceful, political solutions. The contours of a political solution must be explored.

It is moral clarity that sees you through.

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