Saturday, May 07, 2022

Finally Prashant

You can not turn an IBM into a Google. You can not turn a Google into a Tesla. Prashant Kishor's attempts to resurrect the Congress party have been like beating a dead horse. Modi still has considerable momentum, especially on the econmic growth front, but Bihar is an open game. Prashant Kishor is easily the sharpest mind on the Indian political scene. He should apply that to Bihar. I think he could sweep Bihar and become its next Chief Minister. He could at the same time give India a vibrant opposition. And he could be the man after Modi. Modi might win again in 2024, but the election after that is open season. After 15 years in power, I expect the BJP to have become a little heady, and the opposition energized. And who better to energize the oppsotion than Prashant Kishor? He is the only leader in the opposition who manages to cross borders and party lines. Rahul Gandhi nobody outside the Congress accepts. Mamata is limited to Bengal. Kejri is a Delhi plus Punjab man. If you think about it, Punjab is just a large suburb of Delhi. Kejri has done good work, but he has not been able to articulate a holistic vision.

To go from being a superstar political strategist to becoming Chief Minister is not a small jump but that is why you go to the people. The padyatra is a political masterstroke.

He should do the padyatra and launch a political party to contest all seats in Bihar, and give it a national name so as to later run also in Uttar Pradesh. The padyatra should go hand in hand with an intense digital campaign to get people to join his party.

Say in 2024 Modi wins 300 seats along with his allies, and the opposition wins 200 plus seats, then those opposition MPs should come together and elect the leader of the opposition democratically. Rahul Gandhi, of course, will have the right to contest. But the victor will be the one who gets the most MPs to vote for him/her and must cross the 51% mark. There might be a second round. That might as well be MP Prashant Kishor. India lacks an opposition. A democracy that does not have a vibrant opposition is not being well served.

Heck. It might even swing the other way. It could be BJP 200 and the opposition 300 plus. Dilli dur hai. BJP ke liye bhi.

Prashant Kishor could win 40 of 40 seats in Bihar in 2024. That is possible.

Prashant Kishor: Why India's top political strategist didn't join Congress
'Truth is…': Prashant Kishor jabs Nitish as Bihar CM says opinions don't matter Prashant Kishor said the truth about Bihar was that even after 30 years of rule by Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav, the state continued to remain the poorest and most backward in the country. .
Defending Constitution, not Prashant Kishor’s exit, is Congress’ challenge: Salman Khurshid We know that the Congress is in a make-or-break situation. Election machinery and management are critical for us as we attempt to reverse the trend of the last few years. .
Nitish asserts he gives 'no importance' to PK's assessment of his performance as CM Kishor had contended that Kumar's administration had brought in economic growth but did not succeed in propelling Bihar for a great leap forward .

Infrastructure today means 5G. If you can get educated and come online, you can work anywhere in the world from home. Job creation is no longer a problem. So blanket the state in 5G and engineer a massive investment in education and health for all age groups, but especially the young. Then Bihar is Taiwan, Bihar is South Korea, Bihar is the Bihar of 2,000 yeaers ago. Bihar is in a position to export tutors and yoga teachers all over the world. Ghar baithe baithe.

Floor control will have to be a Nepal-Bihar thing. Enough dams, enogh places, enough irrigation canals, and there will be total flood control.

Road to Nitish bana chuke hain.

I want Prashant to engineer a 20% plus growth rate for India. I think it is possible, and I would like to contribute.

Prashant should launch a party and contest every seat in Bihar and every seat in Delhi in 2024.

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