Monday, May 02, 2022

China, India, South Africa, Brazil Can Not Stay Neutral To Russia's Nuclear Threats

There are legitimate reaasons to not take sides in a war. Not being one of the two warrring parties is a good one.

Why Ukraine? Why not Syria? Why not Yemen? Why Afghanistan? Why Iraq? Such questions can be asked. Why not?

If Europe can buy oil from Russia, why not India? Fair enough.

Perhaps NATO should not have expanded as much as it did, like China says. That is a point. And can be discussed.

But Putin's nuclear threats wash all that away. Neutrality is no longer an option. Putin threatens the whole world at once when he makes his nulcear threats.

Both China and India have no first use policies on nuclear weapons. And these two powers that aspire to be global powers must now do everything possible to impose that policy on every country that has nuclear weapons. Making nuclear threats should be outlawed and ostracized. And the US and Russia should be pushed to eliminate more than 95% of their nuclear weapons by 2030.

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