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Saturday, May 01, 2010

A Dirty Bomb Just Went Off In The Gulf Massive Gulf Oil Spill From Space

Bill Clinton on his way out told Bush the Al Qaeda was the number one security threat he needed to worry about as president. Bush did not pay attention. 9/11 changed that. 9/11 has gone on to define an era, or at least a decade; it sure hijacked the Bush presidency.

By now many of the smart people in the relevant government agencies are on the lookout for the dirty bomb. The terrorist threats persist and are real, but the environmental threats are much bigger. It is like a dirty bomb just went off in the Gulf Of Mexico.

This spill - the word does not quite capture it - just might destroy the fishing and tourism industries in a few different states. That alone is tens of billions of dollars.

The scale of this thing is mind boggling.

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