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Saturday, January 19, 2013

2016 Talk

Is Hillary Running?
The Madonna Of Global Politics

Susan Rice should stay on as UN Ambassador to the very end of Obama's second term. She was unfairly treated this time around. 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Going To A DL21C Event

I have decided to go to the DL21C event tomorrow. I have no interest in Bill Thompson. I have no interest in the mayoral race, period. But I gave my shout out to Bloomberg back in December. Better - way better - Gillibrand (Kirsten Gillibrand Is A Good Choice) than Thompson, but oh well. I guess I want to play my small part in rapprochement. Peace out.
Wikipedia: Kirsten Gillibrand On May 15, 2008, Gillibrand gave birth to her second child, Henry Nelson Gillibrand, making her the sixth woman to have a child while serving as a member of Congress. Her House colleagues gave her a standing ovation for working until the day she gave birth.
This country has a long way to go in terms of making the workplace gender friendly.

That last event invite from DL21C, (An Event Invite From DL21C: This Can't Be Real) I t

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg opening ...Image via Wikipedia

hought through the technical ramifications. It came from Caputo. It also came from someone who knows I like women politicians.

If it were not for my immigration status glitch, the Caputo saga last year would have had another ending altogether. I myself was completely surprised on June 4.

I mean, I am on record at this blog having come out strong for Hillary 2008. That was until Barack said he might run. (Switching To Obama) Obama 2008 was the therapy I had been looking for all my life. I needed it. For me.

The go to event for me in town is the New York Tech MeetUp. But I think I like the idea of showing up for random DL21C events. I am as political as ever. I am open to the idea. You don't make peace with friends. Here's my contribution to peace in the Middle East. I am going to a DL21C event.

Mideast: Permanent Peace Is Possible
Mideast Peace: Tech Industry Style

It is just that an organization that calls itself 21st century is not as digital as it can be.

But I am going to first reply to that Caputo Facebook mail. I am coming, if DL21C does not want me to, an email back would be much appreciated. Just to be on the safe side of not having to go through a show-him-the-door experience.

Bloomberg has been a remarkable Mayor, one for the history books. I think he deserves another term if only as a reward for the good work he has already done. It also does not escape me that he happens to be Jewish. After Spitzer so flamed out, I like the idea of at least one high flying Jewish person still around. (Larry Ellison) There are black guy Mayors all over America, two in DC. This guy is the only Jewish Mayor. Right now I have no plans to, but later in Fall I

Kirsten Gillibrand, Congresswoman.Image via Wikipedia

might even show up for a few events. So it might not hurt to study the opponent who completely turned around on me the first (and last so far) Thompson event I went to. A few weeks later I endorsed Bloomberg. (Independent For Bloomberg)

I don't give a flying fuck about Charlie Rangel. By extension I don't give a flying fuck about Bill Thompson. Proof? I have not bothered to google him up. I don't know anything about him, and that is just so fine with me. Rangel endorsed him, didn't he?

I seem to be so blase about the local races. I got my startup. That is all the rush I need.

2009 has been a Twitter and a Netizen year for me, not a Facebook and Barackface year.

Okay, so here's an email to Cordelia Persen. Just checking to make sure.

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