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Friday, May 26, 2023

OpenAI Grant Application

The Broad Idea Of AI100

OpenAI is not the largest, or the most monied player in the space, but it is that nimble player that brought AI to the masses, and thus it falls upon OpenAI to lead the way on AI regulation. Sam Altman's proposal of an AI version of the IAEA falls both long and short. It is apt in that AI also is potentially existential. But it falls short in that at the end of the day IAEA was just a bunch of bureacrats, not some kind of a mass based approach.

I propose the creation of an AI100, a global consortium of the top AI companies in the world by market cap that will all meet annually in person, and will communicate thorughout the year to propose and pass regulations that will then be up to each national parliament to adopt.

Unless the most pro-active approaches are taken for AI regulation globally, the biggest benefits can not be harvested.

If you think you are only your body, then a Cheetah is a big problem. It will outrun you every single time. A car is a problem. It runs fast. A rocket is a huge problem.

So what are you? Body? Body and mind? The answer to that question is as ancient as wisdom. Body, mind, heart and soul.

All the existential anxieties are soul level challenges. The eternal struggle between right and wrong, because you have free will as created by God.

AI is already faster than a human being in how fast it composes sentences. But that is no different than a bicycle, or a motorbike, or a car, a rocket, moving faster than your legs.

You are not your body. You are not your mind. You are your soul.

Faster is not the threat. Maybe GPT-10 will help solve global warming. Maybe advanced AI will simply talk to each other and serve humanity.

There is the promise of abundance if the AI regulation can be handled well. The impending Age Of Abundance was promised in the scriptures thousands of years ago.

The Grassroots Campaign

I would be happy to represent OpenAI at the AI 100. I will use the grant money of 100K as seed money with which to build a global voting mechanism for ordinary peoples everywhere. Dysfunctional governments unrepresentative of their peoples can not be expected to rise up to the challenge of AI regualtion.

My Political Background

I was Barack Obama's first full-time volunteer in all of New York City.

I was the only full-timer among the then-estimated 200,000 Nepalis across the US to have worked for Nepal's democracy movement in 2005-06 and that was a grand success. I could do the same for Russia. Ukraine 2004 was my inspiration.

I won an election in the US South almost a decade before Bobby Jindal, although mine was smaller. I got elected student body president at the number one liberal arts college in the South within six months of landing as an international student.

My Spiritual Background

I am Jesus come back as promised, my identity verifiable through prophecies fulfilled, miracles performed and well-documented, and the clarity of my mission, the work I am here to do, which is the answer to the 2,000-year-old prayer Thy Kingdom Come. God's direct rule on all of the earth will have been established in 22 years by the clock. This age will end, and a new age will begin and last thousands of years. The Holy Father Himself is on erth in human incarnation. He is the long awaited Messiah of the Jews. Hindus have been waiting for Him for 5,000 years.

All of you are God's children. I just happen to be the firstborn. And right now I am fully human.

Friday, May 19, 2023


Thursday, April 27, 2023

27: ChatGPT

You’re Using ChatGPT Wrong! Here’s How to Be Ahead of 99% of ChatGPT Users Master ChatGPT by learning prompt engineering. ........... We don’t include examples in our prompts. ..... We ignore that we can control ChatGPT’s behavior with roles....... We let ChatGPT guess stuff instead of providing it with some information. ........... This happens because we mostly use standard prompts that might help us get the job done once, but not all the time. ......... Few-shot standard prompts consist of a task description, examples, and the prompt. In this case, the prompt is the beginning of a new example that the model should complete by generating the missing text. ......... Say you want to practice for a job interview. By telling ChatGPT to “act as hiring manager” and adding more details to the prompt, you’ll be able to simulate a job interview for any position. ............ You only need to start your prompt with the words “Act as a … ” and then add as many details as possible. ............. Write [topic] in the style of an expert in [field] with 10+ years of experience. .......... "Write a witty 500-blog post on why AI will not replace humans. Write in the style of an expert in artificial intelligence with 10+ years of experience. Explain using funny examples." ............... In our example, the style of an expert in AI and adjectives such as witty and funny are adding a different touch to the text generated by ChatGPT. A side effect of this is that our text will be hard to detect by AI detectors ......... "Generate 5 facts about “AI will not replace humans” .

4 Ways to Access The New GPT-4 (2 Free Options!) OpenAI just released GPT-4. Here are some ways to access GPT-4 today! ......... it has new features like being able to understand images and generate more than 25000 words. .

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