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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

11: ChatGPT's Code Interpreter

. What to Know About ChatGPT’s New Code Interpreter Feature Graphs, maps and data analyses? Now ChatGPT can do even more. ........ has wowed the world in recent months with the text it can generate. Now the chatbot is delighting users anew by creating charts, maps and turning images into videos. ............ Code interpreter is a new feature that allows ChatGPT to analyze data, create charts, solve math problems and edit files, among other uses. It also supports uploading and downloading files, which was not possible in ChatGPT before. .............. Code interpreter became available last Thursday to subscribers of ChatGPT Plus, a service that costs $20 a month. ...............

The most common use of code interpreter is data analysis.

.............. With a prompt like “tell me what is interesting about the data,” ChatGPT can look through a user’s data, such as financial, health or location information, and produce insights about them. .......... Some people have also used code interpreter to convert the formats of files, such as turning images into videos or PDF documents into pictures.

‘Several Things Have Shocked Me’: An Ex-Insider on Business in China Desmond Shum built a multibillion-dollar empire in the boom times, and says the economy is in far worse shape than outsiders realize. ........ Mr. Shum will testify next week in Congress about the challenges for U.S. businesses operating in China. .......... the outside world underestimates how badly the Chinese economy is deteriorating .......... People talk about “deglobalization,” but the proper term is “reglobalization minus China.” You won’t have one country replacing China, but operations are spreading to Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and elsewhere. Look at how many Taiwanese manufacturers are moving into Mexico on a large scale. And then you have friendshoring and nearshoring in Europe. .

The Twitter Watch Party Is Over Ten years after “Sharknado” spun Twitter and TV together, the online water cooler is running dry. ......... There were, of course, many Twitters existing in parallel: Politics Twitter, Sports Twitter, Black Twitter, Weird Twitter. But Twitter and TV went together like extreme weather and marine predators. You might tweet after reading a book or going to a movie. Twitter especially fit the immediate, real-time experience of watching a TV show as it aired. ........... From its beginning, TV has been both an isolating medium — you in your living room with your stories — and a social one. When the first sets were rolled out as curiosities in the 1940s, spectators gathered in bars to watch boxing matches. The Super Bowl, the biggest TV show of the year, became a secular holiday gathering that rivals Christmas. And before the work-from-home era, networks were conscious of the “water-cooler effect” in offices. ............ Twitter made the watch party global. It invited comments and conversation from fans and critics; series creators logged on to engage, and sometimes fight, with the audience. It created a feedback loop for shows to respond to or push against. ................ TV Twitter wasn’t entirely about escapism. It promoted conversations, for instance, about how “Thrones” used and misused sexual violence. It lent itself to communal deconstruction of debates and election nights the same way it did to “American Idol.” ............ Social media is only as virtuous as the people using it. With Donald J. Trump in office, using Twitter as a cattle prod to shock the country to attention multiple times a day — often over cultural topics like N.F.L. protests or “Roseanne” — there was a sense that every day on the site was a battle. That attitude was reflected in users who saw themselves as soldiers, eternally fighting to shift the front lines of the discourse an inch or two in the correct direction. ............ Then came Elon Musk, the Tesla chief executive and Twitter power user who paid $44 billion in 2022 for the dubious honor of becoming poster-in-chief. He ran the site haphazardly; there were new charges and limits and outages, as well as the restoration of tweeters banned for abuse and disinformation. ................ and I’ve scarcely posted since last fall — less out of business or political objections than from hating the way the site made me feel like an exposed nerve. .......... TV itself has changed since 2006. Streaming made it less live and simultaneous ........ Outside live news and sports, the conversation around TV is functionally more like that around film and books. .......... The social-media universe is different too. The energy has shifted to platforms like TikTok that divide the user base between creators and commenters, makers and consumers, instead of promoting conversations. Even the ventures looking to replace Twitter may not reproduce it, and they may not want to. ....... I was a heavy Twitter user for over a decade. I loved it until I didn’t. I made connections, grew a following, floated ideas, had fun. But it also became a second, often angry, voice inside my head. ............... the appeal of bringing the entire world into one big group chat might be over. This is the way a phenomenon ends — not with a sharknado but a whimper. .

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

ChatGPT's Power Is Yours To Wield

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