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Formula For Greatness

I Touched Obama: Babel, Barack
Barack's Primary Opponents
Obama Was In Town And I Missed It

"We will deliver New York to you for the primary," I told Barack.

I Touched Obama: Babel, Barack

"You give us Iowa, we will give you New York. We will make it quick and painless for Hillary," I told Michelle.

Michelle Obama Is Just Fabulous

On February 5, 2008, we will know Barack is the nominee and the next President Of The United States.

Jupiter And Obama

On February 6, 2008 he should announce that he has picked Hillary to be his running mate.

And from then until November we engage the American people in the most intense policy conversation any two people who ever ran for the White House ever did.

Abraham Lincoln is remembered as the greatest president because he partially liberated a few million people. Barack Obama has the option to top that by fully liberating billions. Like JFK set the goal of "a man on the moon by the end of the decade," Barack has to set the goal of a total spread of democracy by 2020, and he he has to set that goal in his inauguration speech in 2009. You spread democracy the progressive way, Nepal's April Revolution way. The message is you shut your country completely down for three weeks and you will have democracy. We from outside will provide you all moral and logistical support. It will be war with communications technology.

The First Major Revolution Of The 21st Century Happened In Nepal

He has to deliver universal health care before his first term ends. It is very possible. And he has to deliver lifelong education before his two terms are over. Then America will finally be ready for the Information Age where human capital is at the center, physical and financial capital are on the periphery.

On energy there is only one option: go nuclear. That is the only way to provide abundant energy for limitless economic growth in all corners of the planet. Let's not talk about going back to the steam engine.

The Energy Solution: Nuclear Energy

In The News

Hillary concedes victory to Obama in dash for cash Chicago Sun-Times Obama's second quarter haul, according to estimates of knowledgeable observers, could reach $30 million -- most raised for the primary. ...... Michelle Obama was in Washington to headline a funder aimed at women; that lunch plus an event on Tuesday night at the City Museum collected $1 million from the Washington area.
Outsourcing is a problem: Hillary Clinton Rediff Terming outsourcing a "problem", New York Senator Hillary Clinton said tax breaks for "outsourcing" jobs have to be ended. "Outsourcing is a problem. We have to do several things: End the tax breaks that still exist in the tax code for outsourcing jobs; have trade agreements with enforceable labour and environmental standards; help Americans compete, which is something we haven't taken seriously, which goes back to the very first question about education and skills," she said. "Let's not forget that 65 per cent of kids in an age cohort do not go on to college. What are we doing to help them get prepared for the jobs that we could keep here that wouldn't be outsourced? And find a new source of jobs. Clean energy, global warming would create millions of new jobs for Americans," Senator Clinton added.
New Coulter Column Has More Harsh Words For Elizabeth Edwards Editor & Publisher and has also implied that John Edwards should die in a terrorist attack. Part of her quote: "If I'm going to say anything about John Edwards in the future, I'll just wish he had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot." ...... a take-off on a comment by Bill Maher, who said the death of Vice President Dick Cheney (a prime architect of the Iraq War) would mean that more people would live. ..... Coulter has "joked" a number of times over the years about wishing for the deaths of various liberals, journalists, Muslims, and others.

Dalit priest for Bihar temple Times of India
Supreme Court Quashes School Desegregation
Democrats court black audience
Los Angeles Times
Democrats Debate at Howard University Washington Post
Microsoft plans India push
Boston Globe
Microsoft Launches Educational PC In India Forbes Microsoft has teamed up with Advanced Micro Devices and India’s Zenith Computers to launch a personal computer aimed at Indian students for 21,000 rupees ($513). .... more feature-rich than the $150 laptop that the One Laptop Per Child initiative is attempting to mass produce ..... India has an installed PC base of 22 million, or one computer for every 50 people .... The software giant could also reduce prices for its computer. “We don't see any gain in the short term. Our perspective is long term,” Venkatesan said.
Microsoft launches low-cost PCs for India ZDNet UK
Chavez not helping Russia’s tightrope act
The West vs. the Rest? RIA Novosti
FACTBOX: Bush family's summer compound in Maine
Rocket fired at Ivorian PM plane
BBC News
eBay Snub Reveals Google's Fatal Flaw eBay served up 188 million ads for Google in 2006. That was almost double the No. 2 advertiser Target ..... eBay then claimed that its traffic actually went up on the week that it had no ads. .... Something like 99% of Google's revenue and earnings come from search. Google dominates search advertising, with somewhere between 56% and 65% (depending on which data service you believe) of all searches done using Google's search engine. All of Google's other fine products -- Gmail, Google Maps, Google Finance, even YouTube -- are like a drop in the bucket compared with search. ....... as more companies start putting money toward natural search marketing (figuring out how to get higher on search engines rather than paying for ranking), the keyword prices will go down. ...... 50 percent of users begin their search by scanning the top organic results. ..... only 30 percent of search engine users click on paid listings ...... a lot of keyword advertising was being done by mortgage brokers .... we're going to see a lot more interaction between the banner side of things and the search side.
Mobile WiMax Commercial Launch Planned For Northeast Region In August InformationWeek
WiMAX to lead $13bn capex boost in 2007-2012
Chile govt wants 3G, WiMAX bidding by 2008
Telecom Paper
Chinese say US fish ban is unfair
USA Today
BlackBerry shares soar as sales spike 70%
Times Online
Long-Distance Air Travel Doubles Risk of Blood Clot, WHO Says
Supreme court permits Guantánamo appeal
Guardian Unlimited
India may stop auction of Gandhi letter United Press International
Gandhi’s last letter may return to India Hindustan Times
Reactions To The Benoit Tragedy
Ontario Now he strangled his family and then took his own life. There was evidence of prescription drugs including anabolic steroids present on the scene
Analysis: iPhone arrives Friday to huge expectations Macworld
Passive Smoking Raises Carcinogen Levels In Urine Rapidly
Medical News Today
Venter Takes Step Toward Synthetic Cells
DNA team transforms one bacterium into another Los Angeles Times
Moore at his feverish best in hilarious, sobering 'Sicko' Boston Globe the celebrated (and reviled) filmmaker pulls up in a fishing boat outside the US detention camp at Guantanamo Bay and announces via bullhorn, "I have three 9/11 rescue workers! They just want medical attention! The same you're giving Al-Qaeda ! ....... The US health-care system is a disaster, built to punish the sick and enrich corporations. Other countries do it better -- a lot better. ....... anecdotes of average Americans so cruelly abused by the system the only response is the laughter of disbelief. ..... One man lost two fingers to a tablesaw, then was told by doctors he could afford to have only one re attached, so would he prefer the middle or ring finger? ..... Another woman was told she must give back the money that paid for her operation because she hadn't disclosed a pre-existing condition: a yeast infection years earlier. ..... there's a tart little segment about a father desperate to get a second cochlear implant for his baby girl (the insurance company would only pay for one), who drops Moore's name in a phone message to the claims department. Bingo -- the implant is approved. ....... Moore talks to a doctor whose signature is on a series of denials to a woman suffering from a brain tumor; it turns out the signatures are stamped without the doctor ever reading the claims. ...... Clinton is now the second-largest recipient of contributions from health-care corporations. ...... a woman who sneaks over the border to Canada for health care ..... France .. Three months' paid leave for cancer survivors! Doctors who make house calls! Health-care nannies who do the washing for new mothers! ....... We have the highest infant mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere. ...... "Sicko" is built to persuade. It succeeds by making us ill with laughter and with shame.

Debate Showcases Clinton, Obama Rivalry CBS News While Obama's appearance on the debate stage caused a swell in the opening applause in the auditorium, it was Clinton who drew the night's loudest cheers in discussing the spread of AIDS among black women. ....... Thursday night's Democratic debate had little in common with the two that preceded it ..... issues like education, inner cities and racism. ..... a crowd largely composed of blacks, who have been one of the Democratic Party’s most dependable voting blocs since the Depression ....... held at historically black Howard University ...... "If HIV-AIDS were the leading cause of death of white women between the ages of 25 and 34, there would be an outraged, outcry in this country," she said, prompting an enthusiastic audience response. ....... Clinton spoke with the forceful words and aggressive tone ..... Darfur ... she would not hesitate to use military force to enforce a no-fly zone ...... our homophobia ..... Both had members of the Congressional Black Caucus on hand to promote their campaigns. In Clinton's corner were Democratic Reps. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones of Ohio and Sheila Jackson-Lee of Texas. Backing Obama were Jesse Jackson Jr. of Illinois and Elijah Cummings of Maryland. ....... Chris Dodd was solid, but never had a standout moment. .... Dennis Kucinich often crafted his answers to come to his pet issue, immediately ending the war in Iraq. ..... Mike Gravel — known for colorful debate performances and bizarre online campaign ads ..... Biden given his comments, made early this year, about Obama, who had then just entered the race, being "clean" ...... "I got tested for AIDS. I know Barack got tested for AIDS." ... The remark drew a somewhat confused look from Obama, who, once Biden was finished, gestured toward his wife, Michelle, in the audience and said "I just want to make clear, I got tested with Michelle when we were in Kenya and Africa."
Frank conversation at debate Chicago Tribune racial profiling in the criminal justice system. .... "I've just got to make it clear, I got tested with Michelle when we were in Kenya and Africa," Obama said, as his wife waved her arms in the audience and nodded her head in agreement. "I don't want there to be any confusion about what happened here." ....... blunt conversation about the most sensitive issues in churches, homes and communities across the country. ..... provocative academic Cornel West, prominent children's rights activist Marian Wright Edelman and former Surgeon General David Satcher. ....... Obama hinted at concrete benefits for African-Americans from the symbolic impact of electing a black man president in answering a question on criminal justice. ...... "The criminal justice system is not color blind. It does not work for all people equally," Obama said. "That is why it is critical to have a president who sends a signal that we are going to have a justice system that is not 'just us,' but is everybody." ....... Richardson argued that the next president should "speak passionately" about the need for dialogue among people of diverse backgrounds. "Issues of diversity for me, the first Latino to run for president, are not talking points," he said. "They are facts of life." ...... Smiley set the agenda this way: "You can't save people if you don't serve people," he said. "We ask tonight, 'What's the depth of your love for people?' "
Dem hopefuls focus on domestic issues, minority problems San Francisco Chronicle spending more on schools in poor neighborhoods to lower class sizes and raising salaries for teachers to prevent a drain of educators from inner-city schools ...... "Let me finish John's thought, because it was an important one," Illinois Sen. Barack Obama said, finishing a response by former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, who was criticizing the White House response to Hurricane Katrina. "There are potential Katrinas all across this country that have been neglected." ........ "Let's face it, if Darfur had a large supply of oil, this administration would be occupying it right now," said Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio. audience filled with prominent black leaders. ..... "Tavis, Tavis, Tavis, I just got to make clear -- I got tested with Michelle," Obama said, referring to his wife. ...... "I don't want any confusion here about what's going on," he said with a grin. ... None of the candidates performances appeared to stand out, and each of the best-known candidates drew relatively similar reactions from the audience. ..... Thursday's Supreme Court decision banning most affirmative action in public schools as a setback to racial relationships.
Vying to Be the 'Second Black President' Forbes with the crowd on his side, chanting his name as all eight Democratic candidates posed for pictures on stage ...... Clinton said in the biggest applause line of the night, bringing audience members to their feet. ...... Polls show that blacks are closely divided between Obama and Clinton ..... pulling on black voters out of a sense of loyalty. But Obama is pulling on them out of a sense of history ...... served just 2 1/2 years in Washington. "He didn't knock it out of the park," Brazile said, adding that Clinton was a standout. ..... Toni Morrison dubbed him "the first black president" in a 1998 essay. ....... Mike Gravel left the Senate in 1981. .... Because Clinton is white, she has more liberty to give black voters what they want to hear without fear of being seen strictly as a black candidate. ..... Democratic consultant Jenny Backus said Obama's effort to speak to whites and blacks resulted in his best debate yet. ..... "He was talking to both whites and blacks in his answers."
Obama to Pass Clinton in Money Raised, Her Aide Says Washington Post
Clinton and Obama Expect Near Record Fund-Raising New York Times
Clinton, Obama Making Big-Money ’04 Hopefuls Look Like Amateurs
New York Times
Clinton’s Camp Projects $27M in 2nd Quarter New York Times
Analysis: Clinton, Obama Eye Black Votes

PM meets with Prachanda, agree to hold joint mass meetings NepalNews
Madhav Nepal accuses PM of working like a dictator
NRNs demand voting rights in CA polls
Bamdev's objection on Maoists being called “radical leftists”
Refugee leaders urge support from European community

Children make up nearly a quarter of Nepal's work force
Nepal govt to revive panel on acquiring royal property
Nepal ethnic leader wants interim house dissolved

Stoic Londoners Shrug at Latest Attack New York Times 1,700 people could have died at “ladies’ night” in the Tiger Tiger night spot. .... the car had exploded. ....... an explosive mixture of gasoline, nails and gas canisters in a car abandoned ....... “There’s been bombs in every city and in London all of my life. There are risks living in any city. I’ve lived in London for 20 years and nothing has ever happened to me.” ...... “If you’re near the bomb when it explodes, well, that’s really unlucky,” Ms. Klinkner said. ..... Sanjay Karsan, 22, a Briton of Indian descent, said that because of his South Asian background he was accustomed to getting suspicious looks whenever terrorism was in the news.

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