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Yes, There Is A Hierarchy: Homework Is Online, Action Is Offline

Old Media Is The Reason Obama Is Lagging In The Polls

The Candidate And Michelle

Keep showing up.

Top Managers

The unpaid volunteers are the engine of this campaign. Make it possible for them to give all they can. This is a people power campaign.

Full Time Campaign Staff

Part Time Campaign Staff

The Top Volunteers In Each State/City/Town

Get on a first name basis with as many of the most dedicated volunteers as you can. Know each other well. Party together. Do team building exercises. Organize icebreakers. We are going to need the chemistry during crunch time down the line.

Dedicated/Trained Volunteers

Launch new neighborhood groups. Nurse old ones. How old can they be? We are not even started yet.


Sending people to, getting them to sign up at the site, giving their email address to the campaign, and for people who are offline, getting them to sign up cards, give their snail mail address to the campaign: this is the single most important thing you can do for Obama 2008. Why? Because 2008 is going to be a DirectConnect race. This has never happened before. Technology is making it possible for the voter and the candidate to talk directly to each other. You are making possible a megaconversation. Flood the database at the Chicago headquarters with ever new names. That helps out the national effort, but that also helps when we do local events. The people in Chicago have more resources. There are professionals on the payroll, the very best in the game. Make them earn their paycheck. Flood the campaign database with names of supporters and volunteers.

Core Supporters

Help find new supporters. Reach out to everyone you know. Email people. Call people up. Go visit them.


Show up for events small and big. Help bring in more new people, first timers.

People Who Have Not Signed Up Yet

Sign up.

People Who Have Never Heard Of Obama

"Hi, how you doing? Let me ask you something. Have you ever heard of Barack Obama? Do you like him? Why? Why not?"

Make small talk with strangers on the subway, on the bus, at the mall, at the movie theater. Wherever. This campaign is about creating community where none might have existed before. The entire country is one neighborhood, or will be by the time we are done.

The idea is to swell the number of supporters and volunteers and enhance and scale the two-way communication with the campaign staff.

Get your picture taken with Barack and Michelle.

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On The Web: Ice Breakers, Team Building Exercises

Free Ice Breakers
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In The News

Eastern Nepal reels under strikes Times of India
Nepal's central bank governor suspended after graft investigation ...
International Herald Tribune
Nepal Muslims demand seats in national election
Reuters India

With grass-roots themes, Obama fires up a crowd Pioneer Press A young, racially diverse crowd of about 3,000 cheering partisans paid $25 each to pack into the atrium at International Market Square to help the freshman Illinois senator kick off his Minnesota campaign. ..... the "politics of can't do, won't do, won't even try" ..... People in Washington call him a naive "hope hugger" ...... Obama's 30-minute speech was light on policy details and heavy on emotional appeal. ...... Iraq. "We can be as careful getting out as we were careless getting in" ....... invoked Wellstone's name and Minnesota's tradition of grass-roots politics ..... After the rally, he attended a $1,000-per-person fundraising reception at the Minneapolis home of big-time Democratic contributors Sam and Sylvia Kaplan. The event reportedly drew more than 200 people. ...... "He's fresh and open to new ideas. I do think there's a generational attraction," she said. ..... Heidi and Clint McCowan drove four hours from Bayfield, Wis., to hear Obama's speech. Why? "Because this guy makes us feel patriotic again," Heidi McCowan said.

Britain on Edge as Blazing Jeep Slams Airport New York Times two men slammed a Jeep S.U.V. that caught fire into the departure doors at Glasgow Airport as thousands of people awaited flights on the first day of school summer vacations. .... a new threat: the use of relatively unsophisticated, homemade explosive devices to claim lives and spread mayhem. ...... alleged conspiracy last August to bomb transatlantic airliners using liquid explosives. .... the London and Glasgow attacks were “linked in some ways and, therefore, there are clearly individuals who have the capability and intent to carry out further attacks.” ...... two occupants of the car — both described by witnesses as men of South Asian descent — smashing bottles of gasoline and struggling with police and others who tried to restrain them. ...... One of the men in the car was said to have been ablaze, possibly after setting himself on fire. ..... the episode in Scotland seemed to have taken the authorities by surprise. ...... “less directed from Al Qaeda and more a matter of a homegrown group,” although the attack seemed to be modeled on terrorist attacks in Iraq. ...... the technology behind the foiled bombings seemed to be amateurish. While the attackers apparently tried to detonate the bombs using cellphones, “they didn’t go off ...... Britain’s terrorism threat is broader than the 2,000 suspected radicals known to the authorities ...... an improvised attack. .... the Jeep sped up to the building at around 30 miles per hour in an area where people usually drive much more slowly ..... “Then the driver swerved the car around so he could ram straight into the door” .....They were obviously trying to get it further inside the airport .... brought out a plastic petrol canister and poured it under the car. He then set light to it ....... a policeman came over, the passenger got out of the car and punched him. ..... London .... thwarted almost by accident .... sedans packed with gasoline, gas canisters and nails. ..... asked whether London had been “craving explosions from Al Qaeda” after authorities in June bestowed a knighthood on the author Salman Rushdie ...... vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices. ..... the police had warned nightclub operators a few days ago of the threat of such attacks. ..... The two cars were parked around a corner from each other..... the “amateur construction” of the explosive device “and the way it was placed suggest the plotter or plotters have no connection to a major militant organization.” ..... theory that the two bombs had been designed to explode one after the other — the first to bring people into the street and the second to cause great loss of life ..... Thursday night at Tiger Tiger was ladies’ night ..... a conspiracy in 2004 in which British-born bombers said they wanted to attack women at a nightclub, whom they viewed as promiscuous

Obama: Fading to black? Chicago Sun-Times the first time a panel of journalists of color, with a black moderator, posed the questions to the candidates. ..... Hillary Clinton, spoke with greater confidence on race issues ...... a boldness that frankly was missing from Obama's responses. .... Obama continued a balancing act in which he points out the unfairness African Americans face in their daily lives but also criticizes the negative behaviors often found among the impoverished. ...... Michelle Obama, who has been tapped to convince women that her husband is the "real deal," was more passionate on the issues when she spoke at a fund-raising luncheon earlier in the day ..... the latest Gallup polls show Obama running neck and neck with Clinton in the race for black voters ..... Although the Obama campaign is being portrayed as a "grass-roots movement," Thursday night, it looked pretty ordinary.
It’s pouring millions for Hillary, Obama Indian Express
'08 hopefuls release fund-raising data Boston Globe
Richardson campaign raises $7 million Los Angeles Times
When Is Enough Enough?
New York Times For black people, the current composition of the Supreme Court should be the ultimate lesson in the importance of voting in a presidential election.
Bill Clinton Dismisses Missile Shield Free Market News Network deriding it as a "colossal waste of money"
Why Giuliani is Still the Frontrunner Yahoo! News
Nepal Muslims demand seats in national election
Reuters India Mohammed Nizamuddin, president of the Muslim group Awam Sahara Nepal, said Muslims were left out. .... Muslims comprise about 4 percent of the population. .... Ijaharul Hak Mikrani, president of another Muslim group, the Intellectual Muslim Association of Nepal, demanded at least 50 seats for the Muslims in the 497-member assembly.
Muslims in Nepal demand reservation Hindustan Times
Bihar temple comes of age with Dalit head priest
Daily News & Analysis
Iran aims high with 2011 target to pump gas to India
Business Standard
30 Afghan civilians killed in air strike: mayor Hindustan Times
Russia, US aim for thaw with talks
Chicago Tribune
US Raids Baghdad Slum; 26 Iraqis Die
Google: You ain't seen nothin' yet
National Post Forget iPhone, BlackBerry, Bell and Telus. Google is preparing to be the next giant of telecommunications .... has reportedly approached the Federal Communications Commission recently about obtaining wireless spectrum, the base upon which mobile-phone networks are built, in the U.S. agency's next auction. ...... a much larger, game-changing force in telecommunications lurking just around the corner. ..... Google Inc. has been putting together a massive cable network to provide customers around the world with telecommunications services ranging from broadband Internet to home and mobile phones. ........ the lucrative business, valued at US$1.3-trillion globally ..... US$163-billion market capitalization ..... what they plan to do is offer comprehensive services through their own backbone and effectively lock a lot of the traditional players out of the market. A lot of them don't even see it coming ...... past three years, the company has been buying up swaths of unused fibre-optic cable -- so-called "dark fibre" -- around the world ..... "They have enough potential capacity to compete in wholesale telecommunications or as an Internet service provider" ...... the massive data centres it is building around the globe ..... between 40 and 70 data centres filled to the brim with computing and storage power, with at least five new facilities under construction in the United States alone ..... The search company is building its data centres next to hydroelectric facilities in order to feed their huge power needs ........ the company is looking to buy GrandCentral Communications, a Web startup that allows users to consolidate their different home, work and mobile phone numbers into one through an Internet application ..... the U.S. agency's next auction, expected in 2009. That could be the target date for Google to make a big splash with its full mobile phone ..... The company is still very much focused on its core business, which is search and advertising, but Mr. McLaughlin admits that mobility is becoming increasingly vital for the company's growth prospects. ....... "We want people's information to be as accessible through their mobile phone as it is through their PC." .... two years ago bought tiny Waterloo, Ont.-based Reqwireless, whose staff have since been working feverishly to design Google applications for mobile phones. .... the profit margins in businesses such as phone and broadband provision just aren't worth it. ..... the company could save itself a ton in costs if it moves its web traffic off the networks owned by phone and cable firms and onto its own. ..... YouTube is responsible for about 10% of all Internet traffic. ..... Google won't have to stretch its core business strategy -- offering ad-based services for free to consumers - very far to offer telecommunications services. In fact, it's exactly the business model the company is experimenting with in mobile phones. ....."The only question is, how do you deliver ads on a phone in a way that isn't disruptive to callers?"
Australia Chooses WiMAX for Rural Broadband Nets TMCnet
Soccer fever strikes Canada
Toronto Star
Advanced Micro Devices To Ship Processors In August

Clinton eyes Obama fundraising threat Los Angeles Times Obama trails Clinton in the national polls, but he matched her in fundraising in the first three months of the year, when each raised about $26 million. Obama raised his money from more than twice the number of donors as Clinton's 50,000 contributors. He announced early Wednesday that he had set a goal of 250,000 contributors by June 30 — or 150,000 for the second quarter, to add to his 100,000 in the first quarter. On Thursday, the campaign's website said that goal had been met...... That far outpaces the 70,000 who responded during the same time frame to Howard Dean's revolutionary Internet-based donor drive in the 2004 race. ..... Giuliani is leading in national polls, but Romney fares better in some of the crucial early primary and caucus states. ..... McCain is out of favor with conservatives because of, among other issues, his role as cosponsor of immigration legislation with Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), which died Thursday in the Senate; and with moderates over his support for continuing military efforts in Iraq.

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