Saturday, June 23, 2007

1 Debate, 1 Major Policy Speech, 1 Rally, 1 Big Fundraiser A Month

Hillary-Obama Vs. Rudy-Romney Vs. Bloomberg-Arnold

After the last debate, in one Gallup poll, Barack was leading Hillary by one point. And now Hillary is leading again. How to you stench that slide? Barack is going to lead again, and this time by a wider margin, after the next debate. But after that he can not afford to go through another round of drainage. How do you stop the drain?

I am proposing a formula.

1 debate a month.
1 major policy speech a month, a week after the debate, timed to make sure it gets the most media coverage possible.
1 major rally a month, a week after the speech. Whichever group of local volunteers might manage to promise the largest number of people, you go there. Or you go from big city to big city to big city.
1 big fundraiser a month, a week after the rally, you go to the event that promises to raise the most money, or bring in the largest number of donors.

And you videoblog everything. Don't think Obama fatigue. There should be hours and hours of online video for each event. You are not trying to capture Obama. We have already seen Obama. You are trying to capture the people. Shine the media on the people, on the volunteers. We want people who show up for events to then go online and be able to brag about appearing in the same video as Obama.

Forget in-house video. Use Google Video. It is free.

New York City And Videoblogging

NYC is a very special place.

Breaking The Sound Barrier: New York City

NYC is the progressive capital of America, of the world. The Obama volunteers in the city have a special responsibility. I propose we videoblog everything. We have to do that for the Obama volunteers across America. We have to videoblog our strategy meetings. We have to videoblog our planning meetings. We have to videoblog all our MeetUps. We have to definitely videoblog all our events in great detail. We have to videoblog our parties. We have to become our own media. We have to have put thousands of hours of video on Google Video by the time Obama is in the White House.

This is an important link that is missing right now. For everything we do for Obama, we have to be aware we have a national audience.

In The News

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Chunghwa may invest NT$5 billion in WiMax China Post
Bear Stearns bails out hedge fund Washington Post would provide up to $3.2 billion in financing for a struggling hedge fund it manages, raising concern about other funds that invested in bonds linked to subprime mortgages. ....... the funds' main investments -- a type of bond known as a collateralized debt obligation (CDO) -- may be riskier than previously reckoned. ...... Bear Stearns, the fifth-largest U.S. investment bank .... "If a trading partner knows you're desperate, that desperation will be reflected in what the partner offers."
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India Inc backs Nath`s stand at G4 Zee News The three apex business chambers - CII, FICCI and Assocham - backed Commerce and Industry Minister Kamal Nath, who along with Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorim remained firm in protecting interest of farmers in developing countries in the ongoing Doha Round of global trade talks. ..... Assocham said it was time the rich nations realised the growing influence of the developing countries, which have found a formidable leadership in India and Brazil.

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