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Trent Lott, That Is Latin For Racist Asshole

Trent Lott can not stop being racist any more than he can stop being a Christian. Period. That is how fundamental his racist worldview is to him. He is beyond reform. He can only be isolated and discarded. He can not be expected to change.

After Hillary got elected Senator, this insect went on to say that she might now get into the Senate if she does not get struck by lightning before that. This guy is sick as they come. He should be declared physically untouchable. A law to that effect should be passed in the land.

The fact to notice is not that he is a hard core racist, but that he is at the heart of the leadership of the Republican Party. His leadership of the Republican Party makes that party the modern day Ku Klux Klan. Why can't you find someone else to lead you, unless you quietly agree with him in his fundamentally racist worldview?
Immigration bill falls into limbo Houston Chronicle "I hope he concentrates on the G-8," Lott said ...... "His comments last week were not helpful," Lott added, alluding to Bush's remark — repeated twice last week — that those who deride the bill as amnesty are trying to frighten Americans. ........ Democrats are "simply not going to get anywhere trying to stuff the minority," said Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the GOP leader.

Jeffrey St. Clair: Santorum: That's Latin for AssholeRick Santorum had only been in the senate for a few weeks when Bob Kerrey, then Senator from Nebraska, pegged him. "Santorum, that's Latin for asshole.

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Lott, Reagan and Republican Racism | TIME the GOP's wrongheadedness about race goes way beyond Lott and infects their entire party. The sad truth is that many Republican leaders remain in a massive state of denial about the party's four-decade-long addiction to race-baiting. They won't make any headway with blacks by bashing Lott if they persist in giving Ronald Reagan a pass for his racial policies. ....... The same could be said, of course, about such Republican heroes as, Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon or George Bush the elder, all of whom used coded racial messages to lure disaffected blue collar and Southern white voters away from the Democrats. Yet it's with Reagan, who set a standard for exploiting white anger and resentment rarely seen since George Wallace stood in the schoolhouse door ........ As a young congressman, Lott was among those who urged Reagan to deliver his first major campaign speech in Philadelphia, Mississippi, where three civil rights workers were murdered in one of the 1960s' ugliest cases of racist violence. It was a ringing declaration of his support for "states' rights" — a code word for resistance to black advances clearly understood by white Southern voters. ......... his filing of a brief arguing that BJU should get the exemption despite its racist ban on interracial dating ...... the Gipper's deep personal involvement. ....... Two years later the U.S. Supreme Court in a resounding 8-to-1 decision ruled that Reagan was dead wrong and reinstated the IRS's power to deny BJU's exemption.
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Immigration bill falls into limbo Houston Chronicle under attack from the right and left ..... the "grand bargain" between liberals and conservatives on immigration. ...... a proposal that would let employers continue to handpick the high-skilled workers they want to get green cards, rather than requiring workers to qualify through a new, government-run point system. ..... The bill would tighten borders, institute a new system to prevent employers from hiring undocumented workers, and give many of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants a pathway to legal status. Conceived by an improbable coalition, it is exposing deep rifts within both parties and is loathed by most GOP conservatives. ........ "I hope he concentrates on the G-8," Lott said ...... "His comments last week were not helpful," Lott added, alluding to Bush's remark — repeated twice last week — that those who deride the bill as amnesty are trying to frighten Americans. ........ Democrats are "simply not going to get anywhere trying to stuff the minority," said Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the GOP leader. ...... the Senate voted to phase out the bill's temporary worker program after five years. ....... the temporary worker program had been cut in half from its original 400,000-person-a-year target. ..... defeated an effort to allow more family members of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents to qualify for green cards.
Immigration Bill Suffers Setback in Senate Vote New York Times Even Republicans who support the overall bill voted against ending debate. ..... the bill’s supporters suffered a setback when the Senate voted to put a five-year limit on a new guest worker program that would be created under the legislation. By a vote of 49 to 48 shortly after midnight, the Senate approved the limit, in the form of an amendment by Senator Byron L. Dorgan, Democrat of North Dakota. ........ members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, want to do more to protect immigrants’ rights and promote family-based immigration. The Senate bill, which embodies a fragile compromise strongly supported by the president, would offer most of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States the chance to obtain legal status. It calls for the biggest changes in immigration law in more than two decades. ........ nearly 400 pages ...... While senators struggled with the complex legislation, executives from high-tech companies descended on Capitol Hill to express concerns. ...... Two amendments intended to reunify families, by providing additional visas for close relatives of United States citizens and lawful permanent residents, failed on procedural votes. ........ Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, the chief Democratic architect of the bill, said: “Almost every hard-working immigrant in this country has been forced, at one time or another, to use false documents to get a job.” .......... Kennedy said that without the guarantee of confidentiality, illegal immigrants would be extremely reluctant to come forward and apply for legal status.
Guest worker amendment threatens immigration bill Los Angeles Times
G-8 leaders agree on climate change
Houston Chronicle a goal of a 50 percent cut by 2050 ..... But Annie Petsonk, a lawyer for the advocacy group Environmental Defense, said the summit hadn't agreed on a 50 percent cut — only on a call for all major emitters to seriously consider that option. ........ the president is simply kicking the can down the road ..... an unexpected proposal from Putin, who said he would drop his opposition to the U.S. missile defense system if it made use of a Russian-leased radar station in Azerbaijan ....... Police used water cannons to turn back thousands of demonstrators who rushed the seven-mile fence surrounding the summit site, and police boats chased inflatable boats from the environmental group Greenpeace that entered the security zone on the Baltic Sea.
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Barack Obama, Lindsey Graham Tangle in Senate a heated exchange between Sens. Barack Obama and Lindsey Graham erupted on the chamber floor and continued in a nearby corridor. ...... Pacing the Senate floor and waving Obama's amendment, Graham loudly accused Obama of undermining a delicate agreement whose advocates have shown political courage. ..... Obama briefly appeared stunned and demanded time to respond. The notion that his amendment would gut the bill "is simply disingenuous" he said. "It's engaging in the sort of histrionics that is entirely inappropriate for this debate." ....... Almost immediately, the two men continued the argument in a hall just outside the chamber. "They were going at it," said Sen. Mel Martinez, R-Fla. "We could hear them inside." ..... In separate interviews later, Graham said, "I wanted to go outside" to impress upon Obama the danger he was causing for a bill he supposedly supported. "I said, 'I'm very disappointed in you,'" he said, adding: "I like the fellow." ...... Two hours later, the Senate voted 55-42 to reject Obama's amendment.
Clinton's Harvard message pushes citizen service Boston Globe "The world is awash today with political, psychological conflicts, which require us to divide up and demean people." ...... Clinton focused on darker topics ..... "And I think women should run everything."

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