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Monday, May 30, 2022

Putin's War On Ukraine Is A War On The World

Putin's nuclear threats are a threat on cities like Moscow. There is a need for a global initiative to impose a no first use policy on all nuclear powers. Coddling Putin will not get us there. Making nucleat threats has to be outlawed. Putin is an outlaw.

The nuclear threat might or might not be. But the threat on food security is already in plain sight. This is Putin's doing. This world hunger is on Putin.

White People Fearful of Being ‘Replaced’ I would encourage Tucker Carlson at Fox News to invite a dozen or so chiefs from what remain of our Native American tribes to discuss what they think about the “great replacement” in America. ........ Many whites feel inordinately entitled and feel threatened by nonwhites. Republican leaders need to step up to the task of calling out their constituents and colleagues on “replacement theory.” Call it what it is: racism, antisemitism, prejudice, ignorance. ....... “The one thing America makes best is more Americans.”

Putin’s World Order Would Be Devastating for Africa Moscow is already deeply involved in destabilizing wars. ....... On March 2, member states of the United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly in favor of a resolution that strongly condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine. The resolution, which was supported by 141 member states, affirmed that “any attempt aimed at the … disruption of the territorial integrity of a State … or at its political independence is incompatible with the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter.” The resolution was an affirmation of the legal guardrails and norms that have guided international relations since the conclusion of World War II and the ratification of the United Nations Charter in 1945. ............. 17 African countries abstained, with another eight choosing to not participate. One country even voted against the resolution, Eritrea, a totalitarian dictatorship. ....... Putin is attempting to undermine the global order that has guided international relations for the better part of the last century. Building on Russia’s previous annexation of Crimea and parts of northern Georgia as well as its prior occupation of Ukraine’s Donbas region, Putin is taking a sledgehammer to the foundation of the once stable post-World War II order. ........... At stake are established notions of sovereignty, territorial integrity, and the independence of member states, which suddenly become more temporal, arbitrary, and open to violent contestation. ...... Kenya’s permanent representative to the United Nations: ambassador Martin Kimani, who warned Putin and the Russian military to respect its border with Ukraine, using Africa’s own colonial past to highlight the dangers of stoking the “embers of dead empires.” ........... There are currently some 100 contested borders on the continent, most of them stemming from arbitrarily drawn colonial boundaries. ........ Established during the postcolonial independence period, many African states were born out of a commitment to self-determination. Ironically, this is the central issue being contested today by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. ......... If the lesson from Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is that might makes right, then Africa’s political geography could be perpetually in dispute. In other words, if the overlapping security guarantees provided by both the U.N. and AU charters can be violated with impunity, then what is to stop African leaders who envy Putin’s aggressive brand of authoritarianism from following suit? ............. Already, we see this happening in some parts of Africa. The volatile African Great Lakes region stands out for the fragility of its borders. The eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, for example, has become a target for exploitation by authoritarian leaders in neighboring Rwanda and Uganda. Rwandan President Paul Kagame, officially in power since 2000, and Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, in power since 1986, have routinely marched their troops and proxies as well as directed their allied rebel groups to seize Congolese territory, loot natural resources, and kill citizens with alarming impunity. ......... Disregarding borders is particularly precarious in the Great Lakes region because it carries with it the potential to reignite one of the most cataclysmic conflicts in recent history. ........... Moscow has played a destabilizing role in Africa. Recent years have illuminated a “new scramble for Africa” as external actors seek to aggressively plant their politics, governance, and economic flags across the continent. Russia has been at the forefront of this predatory behavior by repeatedly propping up isolated and authoritarian leaders—most notably in Libya, Central African Republic, Mali, and Sudan—to advance Moscow’s patently anti-democratic influence. ............. Through the deployment of shadowy and unaccountable mercenary groups, polarizing disinformation campaigns, election interference, and arms-for-resource deals, Russia has gained influence while fostering instability and the increased human rights abuses that ultimately result from it. ............. Russia has also fomented—both covertly and overtly—and been quick to support the many unconstitutional seizures of power recently witnessed in Africa. The spate of coups and increasing instances of African leaders scrapping term limits, for example, better suit Moscow’s vision of remaking the international order in its autocratic mold. .......... most of the 16 ongoing internal conflicts on the continent have deep roots in authoritarian forms of governance.

None of Africa’s established democracies, in contrast, are in conflict.

More authoritarianism, then, can be expected to yield more conflict. ................ Tolerance for predatory interstate behavior globally, moreover, will embolden elevated forms of repression domestically in African states. After all, if the enshrined principles of self-determination and popular participation are not respected in a high-profile instance, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, then what international actors can be compelled to penalize the intimidation or jailing of opposition leaders, the shuttering of independent media outlets, and the brazen rigging of elections in Africa? Growing autocracy would do a grave injustice to the 75 percent of Africans who regularly state that democracy is their preferred form of government. The inevitable repression that will result from an unfettered international order would also lead to a spike in refugee flows and internally displaced populations. ................... As Africans grapple with the more present and disastrous aftershocks of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it is important to recognize the threat this form of authoritarian expansion will have on the continent if it is normalized. History shows us that impunity is contagious. And apathy in the face of imminent threat is foolhardy. The clear threats emanating from Putin’s worldview defy the principles that are central to an international order that both the U.N. and AU helped foster.

How Putin’s War Caused a Global Food Crisis A “perfect storm” in agriculture is contributing to a global economic unwinding.

Monday, May 11, 2015

School Lunches Are An Excellent Idea

Modi's Blind Spot: Smriti Irani?

School lunches are an excellent idea. And it should be universal. All government schools should implement this all the way through high school. दिन में कमसेकम एक बार स्कुल अटेंड करने वाले प्रत्येक बच्चे को संतुलित आहार मिल जाए --- balanced diet. नहीं तो मोदी demography, demography करते रहते है, अगर बच्चे बड़ी संख्या में malnutrition का शिकार होते रहें तो कोइ demographic dividend नहीं मिलने वाला।

स्कुल लंच के बहाने भी बच्चे स्कुल आएंगे, कि चलो पढाई कम मटरगश्ती ज्यादा करेंगे लेकिन लंच तो खाएंगे।

लेकिन खाना अच्छा होना चाहिए ------ balanced diet. दाल और सब्जी पर ध्यान दो तो ज्यादा खर्चा भी नहीं बैठता।

In America they don't do it right. बच्चो को कोका कोला पिलाते हैं। ये भी कोइ तरिका है? बच्चे मोटे (obese) हो जाते हैं।

एक स्कुल लंच और दुसरा प्रत्येक स्कुल तक ब्रॉडबैंड पहुँचा दो फिर देखो कमाल।