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Saturday, June 04, 2022

Elon Musk's Irresponsible Economy Comment: "Super Bad Feeling"

Elon Musk started believing his own hpye, the image created by him and his rabid fans on Twitter, an echo chamber that just might mirror Putin's TV shows across Russia. Capitalism can be its own autocracy. I am on record for being for a wealth tax.

Musk's Twitter move would have been good if his motive were right, but now we know it wasn't.

Should Elon Musk Be Owning All Of Twitter?
Musk's 44 Billion Dollar Give To Foolish Fascism

Maybe he should hang out with Peter Thiel less often. He might end up leaning less right. Stop texting.

Musk's "super bad feeling" about the economy is him trying to blame the market for the tumbling shares of both Tesla and Twitter. There seems to be nowhere to go but down. Musk fears the Tesla shares might go further down, with the Twitter deal albatross around his neck, and so he is trying to prepare the market. I don't think it is going to work.

I am neither bullish nor bearish on the economy. On those matters I let Paul Krugman talk.

From: Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
Date: Tue, May 31, 2022 at 9:11 AM
Subject: Paul, you are my favorite part of the New York Times, my favorite newspaper

Hello Paul. I was just reading this and for the first time, I noticed this email address at the bottom and figured, hey why not write to him? I could help balance out the hate mail he gets. It could not hurt!

The only thing I disagree with you on is Bitcoin. It is exotic to me how you are missing out. This is like missing out on the Internet in 1995. My thoughts on Bitcoin are here: It would be a coup for me if I could "convert" you. Bitcoin is biblical. The Age Of Abundance that has been promised in the scriptures is upon us. Bitcoin is the best thing to come out of the 2008 crisis.

Your arguments tend to be so lucid, I am often tempted into thinking, if only Marjorie Taylor Greene could subscribe to this newsletter, American politics would see a tectonic shift for the better. :) But we both know that is not in the cards. The mental blocks are real. It is not your writing that is lacking.

I wish NYT also featured a right-wing Paul to balance things out, the column clearly labeled right-wing, something like A Voice From The Right. You succeed so fully in your writings, sometimes you make me feel like I am in an echo chamber. :)

I was a fan of your column before you won the Nobel. You are the only NYT columnist who shows in my email. If I see your column anywhere, I read it.

In fact, my respect for the Nobel people went up after you won. Even a columnist can win the Prize. How Ivory Tower can it be?

NYT should emphasize the psychology of some of the right-wing phenomena. But then it does. Only last week I read the transcript of the Ezra Klein Show. The guest argued people are lonely. And then they fall for all that hate.

Sangham Sharanam Gachhami. (I go to the community.) As the Buddhists say. "Whenever two or more of you gather in my name, there I will be." That is a promise in the Bible. One-third of Americans live alone. That is blasphemous.

I subscribe to the NYT online for $1 a week. Probably the best bargain I ever got. Except for when there was no paywall. :) Come to think of it, crypto can solve the paywall problem. Super micropayments are the way.

What I admire most about you is your earnest desire to reach out to ordinary people with your complex topics explained as simply and clearly as possible. I wonder how many rewrites that might take.

Check me out on Mirror and see if you don't want to start creating Writing NFTs yourself. When you mint your first Writing NFT, you are converted. And I will take a victory lap. :)

Have a good day.


Before he makes his off the cuff science fiction announcements, perhaps Elon Musk should hold a convo with his top engineers.

With his Twitter antics Musk has managed to kill two birds with one stone. Both Tesla and Twitter seem to be going down.

Musk had been giving the impression there was a time not long ago when he was hanging on to the Tesla rocketship barely by the fingernails. And now he is saying he can walk and chew gum at the same time? Already people thought he spent all day on Twitter. And then he threatened to buy Twitter and become CEO. Tesla also had been facing some bad news of its own.

Elon. Renounce Trump. Repent. There are plenty of Republicans to choose from. Well, maybe not that plenty. But still, you get my point. Trump is fascist. Look at January 6.

Friday, August 23, 2019

The Insanity Of The US-China Trade War

Is this what the US-China trade war feels like? And now we have a meaningless Trump order. You have to ask, when is Trump going to get a tattoo!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Trump 2016: Hurting People's Feelings

Feelings (David Byrne album)
Feelings (David Byrne album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So far I have not seen any kind of political program from Trump, even programs I might dislike, possibly even abhor. He is not planning to cut taxes. He is not planning to invade a country. So far all the talk has been about enticing certain feelings. Vague feelings like xenophobia. He just wants the power. He is not seeking to govern. That is the impression I get. More like, he is offended he, or someone like he, is not in power. And this guy was not even a Republican, until last year. If Britain holds a debate in parliament about banning a white guy from entering the country, you know this is a new century. We are looking at a new reality here. The kind of psychological warfare he is engaging in is the kind that trolls engage in online. And they win because they have the numbers. When the Internet came about, Julia Robert discovered people hated her. Muslims are the new Julia Roberts, if Trump will have his way. If Trump is a troll, he is just one person. If more people find out he exists, I expect him to get mauled on places like Twitter. It will be one troll versus millions of trolls. It will be an unfair race. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

2016: Open Racism, Open Sexism Season? In The Age Of Global, Social Media

There's the issue of the Democratic front runner being pilloried for a dead ambassador. Strictly speaking, it is sexist because it was the job of the Department Of Defense to protect, not the Secretary of State. No one is arguing the death was not tragic, it was gruesome, beyond the pale of imagination. I for one sure had not imagined an American ambassador could be killed.

And then there are all these stupid, racist comments Donald Trump has been making at the rate of one per week, which are very harmful. I believe his opening remark the day he announced he was running was a racist remark. Racist comments are his platform. I am not aware of any other aspect of his platform.

What do you think of this open racism and sexism? Used to be racism was insinuated. When Bush I ran the famed ads in 1988, there was this insinuation. But this election season is different. How does this all play out?

I believe at some point women across party lines are going to start connecting the dots. For the first time they might feel day to day sexism they might experience maybe is connected to a presidential campaign after all. And the right to vote picks up from there. And we all go home happy.

Donald Trump is on no one's radar in Mexico right now. Except maybe a billionaire or two, and that dude slapped The Donald hard and fast. Where it hurts: in the money department. But ordinary Mexicans still don't know Trump exists. Social media does not change human psychology. When people don't care, they don't care. But should he become the nominee, maybe he will get on the radar. And my bet is on the Mexicans when it comes to colorful language. The puss comes out and the wound heals. If you feel it, Donald, you might as well say it, but be prepared for the counter hashtags on Twitter. At some point even The Anonymous might decide to come after him. I mean, at this rate.

What happens in America does not stay in America, not in this age of social media.

When the Internet dawned upon Julia Roberts, she very quickly realized she is not that universally loved. There were all these trolls that came out of the wood works, best left ignored.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

What Swing States?

Official photographic portrait of US President...
Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Looks like Barack swept them all, almost all.

All that talk about it all boiling down to Ohio: Barack Obama won before Ohio revealed its colors.

Looks like Florida is still counting -- it is secretly hoping to again become the center of attention like in 2000. Sorry, Florida, the results are out, sorry to put it bluntly, but you don't matter, bring the results in. Hurry.

I think Florida will show up blue.

I am looking at the map, and I see only North Carolina going the other way. But then that was not a swing state in my book.

Look what I said: Romney Can Have North Carolina but I am taking every other so called swing state on behalf of Barack Obama. That is what happened.

I Told You So: 303 And Counting
First Year: Immigration Reform
Four More Years
Oh Twitter, Why Would You Do This?
Whoever Wins California Will Win
A Clean Victory
My Man Obama Is Winning
Go Vote For Mitt Romney
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Conversation Is The Revolution

Tahrir Square In America
Occupy America

Democracy in America is ripe for a quantum jump. Total campaign finance reform has to be enacted in America. Because democracy is meant to be one person one vote.

Turning a dictatorship into a democracy is a quantum jump. There are parallels.

Both involve congregating. Large masses of people congregating.

When a country is already a democracy like America is, violence will not be seen. Most disruptions will also be avoided. The message takes some time to gel, and even then stays evolving.

So far the Occupy Wall Street movement has exhibited an amazing mastery of social media. Actions are piped out. Voices come streaming back in. There is conversation.

That conversation itself is the revolution. It has to last many months.

Until fundamental change is brought about to the very fabric of this democracy people have to stay put. Total campaign finance reform, universal health, universal, lifelong education.
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Twitter For Fundraising

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBaseTweet 1
Tweet 2
Tweet 3
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Tweet 1
Tweet 2
Tweet 3

My latest push for my fundraising goal for my Iran democracy work has been this list: Prominent Iranian Americans.

If I can get 200 prominent Iranian Americans to give me $1,000 each, that is all I need. That has been my thought. I am still thinking along those lines. But then earlier today I went on Twitter, did a search on "Iran democracy," and sent reply tweets to about 10 people talking about Iran, each time linking to my main Iran democracy page - - and already there is some welcome chatter.

Now I think my preferred method is to get 2,000 people on Twitter to give me $100 each.
I should keep this fundraising two track. I should try both ways.

These two tracks beat trying to get the CIA - the thought did cross my mind; think Bourne - or the State Department, or some NGO to give money. I am saying no to any kind of paperwork. You look at my blog posts and you donate. That's it. Anything more is way too complicated.

My work is a netroots/grassroots thing. We netroots/grassroots people are not big on hierarchies. We want Obama to make as much data public as possible. We don't want to go to the White House. We want the White House to come to us, wherever we are. That's the spirit of grassroots governance.

That is the absolute best way to work on Iran democracy.

I have no desire to launch an organization. No NGO, nothing. So the contributions are not tax deductible.

I want to keep things simple. I have already stated where the 200K will go. And I will report periodically on how much I raise. That much transparency is all you get. And that ought to be enough.

There is no other political challenge on earth I salivate over more than the Iran democracy movement. This is what I want to put most of my time into until a regime change in Iran.

It is possible, or I would not be looking into it.

Let's go raise some money. Help me out.

Of the two stated methods, the Twitter method is perhaps the better one. You talk to people who are already explicitly interested in Iran democracy. That is a good starting point. They are interested enough that they are talking about it.
New York Times: Message to Muslims: I’m Sorry: Muslims are one of the last minorities in the United States that it is still possible to demean openly, and I apologize for the slurs. ..... “Sorry for Portraying Muslims as Human.” ..... Must coverage of law-abiding Muslims be “balanced” by a discussion of Muslim terrorists? ..... should reporting of Pope Benedict’s trip to Britain be “balanced” by a discussion of Catholic terrorists in Ireland? ..... I also want to defend America against extremists engineering a spasm of religious hatred. ...... Japanese did attack Pearl Harbor and in the end killed far more Americans than Al Qaeda ever did. Consumed by our fears, we lumped together anyone of Japanese ancestry and rounded them up in internment camps. The threat was real, but so were the hysteria and the overreaction. ...... Radicals tend to empower radicals ..... We’ve mostly learned that about blacks, Jews and other groups that suffered historic discrimination, but it’s still O.K. to make sweeping statements about “Muslims” as an undifferentiated mass.

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