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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Comey's Trumpism

James Comey, the formerly respected FBI director whose maladroit handling of a fresh email “discovery” threatens to change American history. A few weeks ago, I wrote that the rise of Trump is a sign that the Constitution is “gravely, perhaps terminally, ill.” I underestimated how far the rot has spread and how hard it will be to cure.  A constitution is not simply a collection of words, or even a set of rules; it is a complex focus of text, history, values, and institutions. And as the nation forsakes the values and devalues the history, the institutions—for all their marble majesty—are hollowing out. The Comey episode is but the latest symptom of a seriously ailing civic culture.

He defied Department of Justice tradition and policy, and the advice of Department of Justice staff, to boldly tell the nation . . . essentially nothing except, “Everybody freak out!” In so doing, he has left not only his own reputation but the organization he heads sadly diminished for some time to come.

The email announcement—now denounced by, among others, Democratic and Republican attorneys general, the ethics counsel for the Bush White House, and Fox News’s Judge Jeanine—seems not to have been a partisan maneuver so much as an extraordinary lapse in judgment 

a chilling reminder of how many such pillars of the republic have been buckling lately.

Consider that Donald J. Trump, a man incapable of a coherent English sentence, now has a lease (with option to buy) on the Republican Party. The United States Congress—where the Northwest Ordinance, the Homestead Act, The Fourteenth Amendment, the Social Security Act of 1935, and the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts were drafted—now spends its time happily threatening to default on the national debt and refusing to confirm judges.

The Supreme Court—once vaunted as the branch that worked, is now literally hollowed out, its one missing justice having robbed it of not only its ability to decide cases but its very confidence in itself. A new step downward is now being pledged, as Senators like John McCain and Ted Cruz begin to suggest that Court vacancies should never be filled. (“[L]et the Supreme Court die out,” one conservative commentator suggested last week.)

State governments—once the supposed “laboratories of democracy”—are hollowing out too, degenerating into semi-democratic one-party satrapies (look at Kansas, North Carolina, and Wisconsin).

even the elected state courts are increasingly under the sway of unregulated money.

The institutional media is now a shadow of itself. In the rise of Trump, cable news was an eager collaborator. 

The FBI’s Halloween trick was not intended light-heartedly, and it may be a harbinger of the same.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pigs Can't Fly

But they can run for President Of The United States, apparently! Oh, only in America! Here's looking at you Donald Trump.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Uneducated White Folks And Economics 101

Warren is right. Trump is an arsonist. I could not have put it better.

It is a shame that uneducated white folks are listening to Donald Trump. What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Trump's diagnosis is wrong. His prescription is poison. And he is not the Moses.

Trump is flat out wrong on the economics. If I were China trying to become number one, Trump would be my dream candidate.

If Donald Trump becomes president, the trains will stop running.

The Democrats have some explaining to do. The Democrats are the party of the poor.

The thing is, you are supposed to invest in human capital. Massively.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Donald Trump Would Have Been A Janitor

Donald Trump Defending The Defenseless

There are tens of millions of black men on the planet (and women) who have, objectively speaking, higher IQs than the Donald, but who are janitors. The only reason Donald Trump is not a janitor is because he is a white male. One is allowed to be lucky. One is allowed to be in the right place at the right time.

But this is not a guy appreciating his luck. This is a guy rubbing it in. If his hate speech were only free speech, I'd be glad for it. It would be puss coming out. But his hate speech is not just free speech. His hate speech is a diehard defense of structural racism. This is not a guy who got lucky. This is a guy who has benefitted from structural racism every step of the way and has hated the mere symbolism of a black guy in the White House. Where do black people go after that? To the polling booth, again and again.

At first I thought his star of David tweet was merely anti semitism. Now he is out to prove it was also gross political incompetence that would not even fly at the City Council level.

I have never seen a more racist, sexist, xenophobic person in any presidential race, ever.

To swat a mosquito and call it Hillary! Those are concentrated sulphuric acid levels of sexism. Women of this country regardless of political party should take note. Where do you go after this? You go to the voting booth.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

A Campaign To Thoroughly Discredit Reagan

There is a campaign underway to thoroughly discredit Ronald Reagan, the Republican gold standard, and, surprisingly, it is not coming from the Democratic side. There are conservatives out to prove Ronald Reagan was exactly like The Donald before he got elected president. Reagan also supposedly hosted a talk show. Trump talks of Mexican rapists, Reagan supposedly holds the copyright on the phrase "welfare queen," an intentional gross exaggeration of the facts. There seem to be quite a few such parallels.

Facts-free racism, as directed against Barack Obama by a recalcitrant Congress, and facts-free sexism, completely unhinged from facts and logic, as directed against Hillary (for the umpteenth time, it is the Department Of Defense, not State, that has been tasked with protecting embassies) is a slippery slope. When you lack political mojo, but you practice it, then, it is a slippery slope. You keep falling. If it were evidence based decision making, data based, subject to logic, deliberation, and such, then you have something to hold on to, and you don't fall. But facts-free is slippery. You fall.

There is a very real possibility Donald Trump is the last of the Mohicans, I mean Republicans.

Lincoln moved above party, even country, a long time ago. He is not thought of as American, let alone Republican. Reagan was all you had. Trump is busy knocking out the facade. Emperor Reagan, it seems, was naked. Supply side economics is voodoo. That was Reagan fishing in the murky waters of the Cold War. It was voodoo from the outset.

I am for small government. There's stuff a government must do, and only the government can and should do, and I want all that to be done with as little money and people as possible. Efficiency is good for business, it is also good for government. But learn from the Chinese to respect bureaucrats.

I am for a total spread of democracy, but you get there by allowing everyone who lives in New York City to vote in the city elections. NYC is under colonial rule right now. Almost half of New Yorkers can't even vote in the city elections.

I am strong on defense, but the best way to get there is through a total spread of democracy and, yes, a world government, one person one vote one voice 24/7 local to global. Every country should pay 1% of its GDP as a membership fee. The world government is what will bring about a total spread of democracy, it's not the other way round. People are born equal, all people, everywhere.


Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Pus That Is Donald's Racism/Sexism/Xenophobia

When Donald Trump went all the way to New Mexico to berate the top Latina in his party, he knew exactly what he was doing. He was being racist with a clinical precision. And it was a double whammy, because she is also a woman. He was able to be racist and sexist at the same time. And it worked. His poll numbers went up a little.

That sums up the next few months. This election will not be fought on policy, or ability to deliver. There is a cultural nationalism - if it can be called that - that is being peddled in the most naked way in the history of the republic. Granted it was always there, but now it is out in the open for all world to see. As I see it, it is bleeding pus. The Donald is bleeding out the pus. Hillary is going to heal the wound.

Racism, sexism and xenophobia have to be countered with clinical precision. That would be all.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Mr. T Explained

Donald Trump’s white America is revolting: New numbers show just how noxious the GOP front-runner’s coalition is
Exit poll data proves it: Trump is the candidate of voters who resent African-Americans and immigrants
Donald Trump wants more things for “us” and fewer things for “them.” .....

Exit poll results from the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday night showed deep discontent with the Republican Party

and the federal government, and the candidate who railed hardest on those topics, Donald Trump, won with multiple groups of voters. ....... Trump won 6-in-10 voters who said they were looking for an outside candidate. ..... Two-thirds said they support Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the country. He won 42 percent of their votes......Four in 10 supported deporting undocumented immigrants; Trump won 46 percent in this group........ measures resentment toward African Americans and immigrants with statements like “blacks could be just as well off as whites if they only tried harder” and “it bothers me when I come in contact with immigrants who speak little or no English.” ......... compares how favorably respondents rated whites to how favorably they rated minority groups. ..... Most striking is how each of these measures strongly correlates with support for Trump. The graph below shows that Trump performs best among Americans who express more resentment toward African Americans and immigrants and who tend to evaluate whites more favorably than minority groups. ....... statistical models show that each of these three attitudes about minorities contributes independently to Trump’s vote share. So much so, in fact, that GOP primary voters who score in the top 25 percent of their party on all three measures are 44 points more likely to support Donald Trump than those who score in the bottom 25 percent ........ he combines the nativism, racism, pro-big business attitude, wants more tax cuts for the wealthy, militaristic nationalism, and out-group animosity that typifies mainstream conservatism, with promises to expand healthcare, enact trade protectionism, fix the nation’s infrastructure, and improve the lives of the (white) working class. ........ Donald Trump’s particular version of right-wing populism is a direct threat to present day Republican orthodoxy. .......... right-wing producerism. ..... Producerism is a belief that society is divided between “makers” and “takers.” Right-wing producerism tries to mobilize “real citizens” against “evil” parasites on the “bottom” of society such as the poor, people of color, immigrants, gays and lesbians, “the lazy” and any other subordinate group that can be identified as the Other. ....... “producerism, with its baggage of prejudice, remains today the most common populist narrative on the right, and it facilitates the use of demonization and scapegoating as political tools.” ......... Trump is also channeling Herrenvolk ideology with his explicit promises to protect the white working and middle class from “those people” (be they supposedly rapine and violent immigrants; scheming Chinese; or nebulous brown Muslim terrorists in ISIS and al-Qaida) while also ensuring that there is a social welfare state, economic mobility and expanded healthcare for “real Americans.” .........

In a Herrenvolk society, the racial in-group is fully enfranchised while the racial out-group is marked as an “anti-citizen” that is not worthy of full democratic rights.

.......... the racial Other’s subordinate status is used as a marker for elevating the status and power for the dominant racial group. Centuries of chattel slavery and then Jim and Jane Crow were means through which white Americans defined the meaning, worth and boundaries of citizenship.

Historically and to the very recent present, American democracy and the exclusive white male franchise were not contradictions in a society organized around the Herrenvolk principle.

......... Citizenship and belonging are demarcated along racial lines in a Herrenvolk society; benefits, resources, rights and support from the state are allocated by the boundaries that separate “us” from “them.” ....... Donald Trump’s right-wing populism is a return to an understanding of the modern American welfare state that dominated from the end of the Civil War through to the Great Society. And while the American welfare state has certainly “evolved” in an era of neoliberalism, extreme wealth and income inequality, surveillance, punishment and austerity, there are a litany of programs that disproportionately benefit the white working, middle, upper classes, and rich as compared to non-whites. This, what is now termed the “submerged state,” is a de facto type of welfare for (white) America. As public policy, the submerged state is heavily protected as an “entitlement” while simultaneously being decoupled from the history of white privilege and white supremacy that birthed, and in some ways, continues to sustain it.

White voters are attracted to Donald Trump because they are afraid that the benefits of the submerged state will be taken away from them.

......... Trump’s supporters are largely composed of frustrated and alienated working-class white Americans who are embracing authoritarian values. ...... A white lower-educated supporter on the lower-income scale is not what we normally term middle-class: It’s more aptly called the working-class. ..... “Trump is the staunchest champion of the white working class that American politics has seen in decades.” .......

“authoritarian predispositions and ethnic prejudice flow more naturally from the situation of the lower classes than from that of middle and upper classes.” These were the people who formed the base of the Nazi labor unions, the White Citizen’s Councils in the segregated American south, and race rioters in England

......... “working-class groups have proved to be the most nationalistic and jingoistic sector of the population. In a number of nations, they have clearly been in the forefront of the struggle against equal rights for minority groups, and have sought to limit immigration or to impose racial standards in countries with open immigration.” This, of course, describes a Donald Trump rally almost perfectly… ......... rather than seeing most Trumpists as Middle American Radicals or even a uniquely American phenomenon, it is more accurate to see them as

the latest in a long line of working-class authoritarians—people with a very scary, very dishonorable past.

........ “Trumpmania” is a combination of the Know-Nothings, the Republican Southern Strategy and a type of right-wing populism that views people of color and non-white immigrants as toxins in the body politic. ...... Donald Trump promises to “Make America Great Again.” Trump cannot do this without excluding millions of Americans who are not white and Christian. In practice, Donald Trump’s right-wing populism will shrink the boundaries of political community. This will make for a less vibrant, rich and productive American society. While Trump promises health, strength and vitality for his voters, the reality is that working-class authoritarianism and right-wing populism are poisons to a modern cosmopolitan society.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Trump 2016: Hurting People's Feelings

Feelings (David Byrne album)
Feelings (David Byrne album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So far I have not seen any kind of political program from Trump, even programs I might dislike, possibly even abhor. He is not planning to cut taxes. He is not planning to invade a country. So far all the talk has been about enticing certain feelings. Vague feelings like xenophobia. He just wants the power. He is not seeking to govern. That is the impression I get. More like, he is offended he, or someone like he, is not in power. And this guy was not even a Republican, until last year. If Britain holds a debate in parliament about banning a white guy from entering the country, you know this is a new century. We are looking at a new reality here. The kind of psychological warfare he is engaging in is the kind that trolls engage in online. And they win because they have the numbers. When the Internet came about, Julia Robert discovered people hated her. Muslims are the new Julia Roberts, if Trump will have his way. If Trump is a troll, he is just one person. If more people find out he exists, I expect him to get mauled on places like Twitter. It will be one troll versus millions of trolls. It will be an unfair race.