Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Burma: Shame On China, Russia

It is despicable that China and Russia have let the Burmese people down. The family of democratic countries will have to find other ways to be of help. That country has suffered long enough.

Through this act China and Russia have exposed themselves - if that was even necessary - that they are not democracies. Putin is but a Cold War spy gone fancy. China is a one party dictatorship.

Maybe the UN Security Council should try to pass a similar resolution on Burma, China and Russia all put together, if only to make a statement.

But we should not be surprised. Autocrats think alike. They bond. I mean, were we expecting anything different? This act on the part of the regimes ensconed in China and Russia should not be seen as a setback. This was the expected. We should bounce from it.

The cause of democracy will be served, with or without China, with or without Russia. One day democracy shall spread its wings in those countries also. That is only a matter of time.

The Burmese people will rise up. Ultimately that is what will do the trick. But external moral support helps. We should offer moral and logistical support to the fullest extent.

Democracy in Burma is one of the stepping stones to democracy in China. Maybe that is why China is fearful.

The military junta in Burma is but a drug cartel. They specialize in exporting poison.

Aang Sang Su Kyi's political party is going to have to grow more robust. There should be a whole hieararchy of prominent leaders. There needs to be a robust global organization. Alliances have to be formed with other democracy movements.

Bhutan nearby also needs democracy. Zimbabwe far away also does.

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