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Keith Olbermann

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First time I came across this name: Keith Olbermann.

Countdown with Keith Olbermann - A Unique Newscast that Counts ...
Keith Olbermann - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia An Unofficial Keith Olbermann Fan Site

Media Smear On Obama's Name
Wolf Hitler, I mean Bitler, Blitler, Whatever
Bill O'Reilly, Bill O'Rama, Whatever The F___ His Name Is
Barack, Fox, MLK, Mandela
Bill O'Reilly: A Right Wing Gadfly

In The News

19% See McCain as Next President; 17% See Clinton Hillary Project
Asian Leaders Plan Free-Trade Area From India to NZ (Update5) Bloomberg
Bollywood's Hottest Couple To Wed CBS News
Britney Spears: 3 Days of X-Rated, Sex Driven Parties in Vegas Bodog Beat
Will smoking hurt Barack Obama's presidential run
Journal Times Online
Senator Clinton Wraps Up Tour Of Middle East
War in Iraq casts shadow on '08 race for president
Buffalo News
Nepal begins tryst with peace amid dissent
Indian Muslims
Nepal's new rebels want autonomy for southern plains
Cairn starts aerial survey for oil exploration in Bihar
Zee News
British oil major begins survey in Bihar India
Bihar govt is harrassing the masses: Rabri
US arranges three-way Mideast summit
Houston Chronicle
Somalia Makes Moves to Crush Insurgency
New York Times
Pakistan rules out MFN status for India
Times of India
Maoists join Nepal parliament
Financial Times
Ecuador's new leader has no kind words for US
China and Russia veto UN Security Council resolution on Burma
Asian Tribune
NLD condemns China, Russia for blocking UNSC resolution on Burma
China, Russia Failed Burma, Says Opposition The Irrawaddy News Magazine
Google exec defects to Bebo C21Media
WiMax and Wi-Fi will be mobile broadband's energy saviour IT PRO
My son proposed & Ash accepted it: Amitabh Bachchan
Posh Beckham starts house hunting as celebs snap up tickets
Soccer in US won't be easy for Beckham
Houston Chronicle
Engineered Chickens Make Cancer Drugs
ABC News
RIM takes page out of Apple's book with BlackBerry Pearl
Bollywood's Hottest Couple To Wed
CBS News

Nepal gets interim Constitution Indian Express
Bayh & Clinton in Iraq
Hillary Clinton Courts Bill's Friends for Help Time and again they have reached out to those same activists and others in early voting states, inviting them to White House events, appointing them to administration posts, and generally remembering them on holidays, birthdays and at important moments in their lives. .... maintaining and strengthening those bonds is also smart politics, and both Clintons are superb players. ...... New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairwoman Kathy Sullivan points out that her state has changed considerably since the Clintons first campaigned there. ...... The current top five Democrats in the state - governor, two members of Congress, the state Senate president and House speaker - were not politically active in 1992, Sullivan said.
CNN Hires Clinton Operative as 2008 Presidential Polling Unit Men's News Daily Opinion Research Corporation, however, was recently acquired by InfoUSA a company controlled by one Vinod Gupta, a very active Clinton supporter (of Hillary as well as Bill). .... Gupta is so enamored with the Clintons that back in his native land, India, he has built little monuments to his favorite American politicians in the form of the “Bill Clinton Science and Technology Center” and the “Hillary Rodham Clinton Mass Communication Center” for the Gochar Intermediate College, Rampur Maniharan, India.
Hillary’s White House Plans Unmasked! See Secret Story – Click Here Now!
Al Gore: I'm Not Running for President
Black Leaders Wary of Obama Powerful black activists in the U.S. remain surprisingly cool to a White House run by African-American Senator Barack Obama. .... Jesse Jackson, the first black candidate to run for president, declined to endorse Obama ...... Al Sharpton ... said he was considering another presidential run in 2008 and observed about Obama: "Right now we’re hearing a lot of media razzle-dazzle. I’m not hearing a lot of meat, or a lot of content. I think when the meat hits the fire, we’ll find out if it’s just fat, or if there’s some real meat there.” ..... singer and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte said America needed to be "careful” about Obama .... veteran civil rights leaders "are basically jealous. They’ve been toiling in the trenches for decades, and along comes this son of a Kenyan farmer and suddenly he’s measuring the drapes in the Oval Office.” ..... "The unexpected coolness between the old civil rights guard and the new Democratic hopeful has added an intriguing twist to the budding rivalry between Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton, who hopes to emulate her husband . . . in attracting support from black voters.”
O’Reilly-NBC War Heats Up The war of words between Bill O’Reilly and NBC is getting nastier. ..... Bill O’Reilly has now charged that "NBC News has gone sharply to the left.” ...... The Fox News host recently told his radio audience: "They are an activist network now. They hate Bush across the board.” And O’Reilly told NBC’s Andrea Mitchell during an early January interview: "I’ll admit it. I don’t like you guys.” ....... He added in an interview that O’Reilly "really does toe the party line more than I ever have.” ....... the cantankerous talking heads are also showmen who know that a bench-clearing brawl can be good for ratings ........ He called the O’Reilly-NBC feud "mean-spirited and incredibly entertaining.” ....... O’Reilly’s animosity toward NBC is largely fueled by his dislike of MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, who faces off with the "O’Reilly Factor” at 8 p.m. and has been gaining in the ratings. ...... Olbermann’s show "Countdown” was up 60 percent in the fourth quarter compared to a year earlier, although with 656,000 viewers, it still lags well behind O’Reilly’s show, with 2.04 million viewers. ....... Olbermann has often bestowed his "Worst Person in the World” award on O’Reilly. ....... O’Reilly’s agent called Jeff Zucker, chief executive of NBC’s television group, urging him to tell his MSNBC commentators to back off ....... O’Reilly for his part refuses to mention Olbermann by name. But he did say that "an NBC commentator” had stated that "President Bush is allowing Americans to be killed in Iraq for money and other insane stuff. Unbelievable.”

The Media's Barack Obama Love Affair National Ledger included him on a list of 20 "Leaders and Revolutionaries." ...... one of Obama's opponents in the primary, Illinois' Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas, called him "The Tiger Woods of the Democratic Party." .... senior Senator from Illinois, Dick Durbin, who started an online petition urging Obama to run for President ....... Together, the Democrats and their media allies have created a kind of hysteria. ...... made an unsuccessful campaign for a U.S. House of Representatives seat in 2000 (losing the Democratic primary to a former Black Panther)
Obama a hit as he honors King Chicago Sun-Times Obama said money sent to rebuild Iraq should be spent to rebuild Harvey, the one-time murder capital of the south suburbs and a town besieged by accusations of police corruption and political cronyism. ....... "Some folks here in city hall think that maybe the office that they possess is because they are so special ..... I know you all have noticed I have kept a low profile
Obama inches closer to announcing Chicago Tribune adding a "very" to the "soon" in his assessment about when an announcement would come. ..... an emotional keynote speech to celebrate Martin Luther King's birth. ....... a widening circle of political advisers and hiring new staff in key primary states, leading political analysts to surmise that he is about to formally launch a presidential bid. ....... "I don't think that whatever my political plans are, (they) are comparable to the heroic struggles that he went through, and I don't want to draw false parallels." ........ weighing issues such as his personal safety and loss of privacy ...... King looked beyond his own personal needs and safety, Obama said, for a larger meaning and a larger purpose. ....... Obama's star power overshadowed Rev. Jesse Jackson, Gov. Rod Blagojevich and an assortment of other political leaders and civil rights activists ....... "A new president… He's in the house," Jackson said to thunderous applause from the crowd of an estimated crowd of 1,600. ....... Jackson introduced Obama as the junior senator from Illinois "who is on the verge of making a decision to further the dream."
Obama: 'The Torch Has Been Passed' Obama received a standing ovation at the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition's annual King scholarship breakfast when the Rev. Jesse Jackson introduced him with an approving reference to the Illinois Democrat's presidential aspirations. ... "It's a long, nonstop line between the march in Selma in 1965 and the inauguration in Washington in 2009," said Jackson ...... "I've gotten a little attention lately, but the fact of the matter is all I do is stand on the shoulders of others." ....... He noted that King was six years younger than he is now when he was assassinated in 1968 at age 39. ....... : "Some folks were surprised I was coming to Harvey. But as I recall, Dr. King wasn't hanging out in Manhattan, Dr. King wasn't hanging out in Beverly Hills. We'd do well to remember that before he was a leader of men, he was a servant of God." ...... he also has hired policy, research and press staff for a campaign to be run from Chicago
Some 'regular black folks' are Obama fans, some not Chicago Sun-Times
Obama ready for top job Rockford Register Star Obama has much more understanding of the world than Bush did in 2000 and even more than Bush does now ..... Bush didn’t even know where Iraq was when “elected” president .... How about an Obama/Clinton ticket?

Arabs look to link Iraq, Mideast deal
San Jose Mercury News Moderate Arab governments plan to tell Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice they will help Washington stabilize Iraq if the U.S. takes more active steps to revive a broad peace initiative between Israel and its neighbors ...... widespread Arab feelings that a lasting Middle East peace cannot be achieved as long as Israel doesn't reach a settlement to hand over lands it occupied during the 1967 Mideast war to the Palestinians, Syria and Lebanon. ...... the "Arab Peace Initiative," which was unveiled at an Arab summit in Lebanon in 2002 and calls for Israel to withdraw from all territory occupied in 1967 in return for full recognition by Arab countries. ..... Arab diplomats said Mubarak's views - shared by other key regional leaders - will be presented forcefully to Rice when she meets with Arab foreign ministers in Kuwait. ...... leaders of the region's heavily Sunni Muslim nations aren't eager to help the Iraqi government, which is dominated by Shiite Muslims and deemed too close to the hardline Shiite regime in Iran.
Obama Says He Will Announce 2008 Presidential Intentions `Soon' Bloomberg Obama will set up an exploratory committee this week. ...... Obama's announcement may come within three weeks

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