Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wolf Hitler, I mean Bitler, Blitler, Whatever

Sorry, I did not mean to. That was a typo. These white boys across the spectrum in the media really had a field day over Barack Obama's name.

These white boys can blow Barack Obama's name all they want, to their heart's content, but Barack Obama is not going anywhere.

My message to Obama is this. The American people are watching. When you are president, and if Iran or North Korea attack the US, how will you react? Will you stay cool? Will you hit back? Will you win? That is what the presidential campaigns are designed for. If it was not your name, it would have been something else. But trials and tribulations are some of the more important ingredients of a presidential campaign. This should have been expected. And better early than late. Your campaign is never going to have a Swift Boat Veterans moment. We hit back and hit back hard and fast.

Stay cool, hit back, win.

President Obama could end the careers of media titans by simply declaring them persona non grata at the White House. Wolf would be gone in 20 seconds.

Jab Geedar Ki Maut Aati Hai To Wo Sahar Ke Taraf Daudta Hai. Old Media is like the Roman Empire before its total demise.

How to hit back? How to win?

I call it 35-35-30. Barack Obama's campaign staff has to look like America, his brain trust has to look like America.

35% Non-White, 35% White Female, 30% White Male. Plus or minus 5%.

The non-whites have always been the staunchest supporters of the Democratic Party. Now they stand the chance to become its glowing core. The Matrix is designed to make that happen. The Matrix is how you bring the inner cities into the mainstream of politics.


What the WM might find titillating - like when Conan O'Brien makes fun of Afro hair on air, or when Wolf mistakes Obama for Osama, or when another CNN guy Jeff Greenfield suggests Obama looks like the president of Iran - will intensely solidify the NW, and if you fight back and win, you become attractive to the WF, attractive in that the WF suffer indignities on a daily basis themselves. They relate to it, but if you can't hit back, and if you can't win, you are not attractive.

Case in point, when Clinton was being demonized, being called a murderer and a real estate bad player, I never for once believed the allegations. All I was thinking all that time was, if you are the most powerful person on earth, why don't you fight back and win?

Bill O'Reilly will no longer have his number one status by the time Obama enters the White House in 2009. Who will replace him? The thing is I don't own a TV, and that will likely not change. But who?

O'Reilly is a right wing guy and he is feisty. That is why he has the ratings. A feisty progressive who does not pretend to be neutral, that is who will replace him. And it is not going to be one of the comics, although I quite like Jon Stewart. That Tim Russert guy has a pretty good show, and he is probably a good journalist, but he is not one sided enough.

Maybe O'Reilly's replacement will be in the New Media. Maybe it will not be any one personality in the New Media but many.

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