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Obama Would Be A Lousy Vice President, He Is Too Much Of A Leader

Kill Bill

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Kill Bill - Ballroom Blitz
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Kill Bill Vol 1 Extra
Kill Bill Vol 1 Extra
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Kill Bill

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McCain can't lift his shirt.
In The News

Nepal King begins secret parleys to save crown Islamic Republic News Agency met three former Prime Ministers and an ex-minister ...... Marichman Singh, Lokendra Bahadur Chand and Surya Bahadur Thapa ..... The King met Rabindranath Sharma, a former minister who heads a royalist splinter party, Rastriya Prajatantra Party (Nepal). .....
CNN mistake shows why Obama won’t be president - Curt Yeomans Henry Herald The problem is his name: Barack Hussein Obama. ...... First, there is only a one consonant difference between his last name and bin Laden’s first name. .... Second, his middle name is synonymous with the late-Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, who America went to war with twice in the last 17 years. ...... America will not elect a Muslim, or someone whose name sounds Muslim, as president in 2008, 2012 or 2020. There are too many parts of this country, like the Midwest, where the general populace will not accept a non-Christian candidate. A Jewish candidate might get elected in large urban areas, but small town America is not ready for a president who isn’t a Christian......... there are places like Georgia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, New York, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Iowa ...... There is still prejudice in this country even though we’d like to pretend it doesn’t exist anymore. It does. ....... As long as that terrorist is alive and free, Obama will always have to worry about an errant journalist hitting the ‘S’ instead of the ‘B’ on his keyboard. ....... Obama would also be wise to make sure every single person in America knows who he is, and that he is not a member of al-Quaida, Hamas or Hezbollah. I remember watching an informal street survey on CNN last month where a reporter asked random people what they thought about Obama. Many of the people who responded thought they were being asked about bin Laden and said he needed to be taken out because he was a threat to the American way of life. .......... Welcome to the world beyond Oprah’s couch, Senator Obama. It’s not all hugs, smiles and lovefests.
Obama's Cocaine Confessional Won't 'Blow' His Chances ABC News
Nokia Joins Sprint Nextel's Effort To Deploy WiMax
China Calls on Iran to Respond 'Seriously' to UN Concerns about ...
Voice of America
Amitabh Bachchan says criticism helps him grow as an actor
Pelosi could pave way for Clinton
Daily News & Analysis
Ex-Dem. Party Boss Blasts Kerry in Book
CBS News
Wall Street Hangs Up on Motorola
Google invests in Chinese multimedia siteMonsters and
Defunct VoD site sues Apple, Google, Napster Telecom Paper (subscription)
New deputy for Condi New Zealand Herald
Somalia's Islamists vow to heed al-Qaida
Houston Chronicle
Disbanded Militant Youth Group in Somalia Support Al-Qaida Message Voice of America
Al-Qaeda issues message on Somalia
Toshiba Brings HD DVD Write Drive to Desktop PCs
Cisco Buying IronPort for $830 Million Sci-Tech Today
Ashley: What the bloggers say Channel 4 News
Indonesia's Crowded Skies TIME
Warner Bros. To Unveil Dual-Format DVD For Hi-Def Content At CES InformationWeek
Pelosi vows big results from Democrats Houston Chronicle
Microsoft's Second Coming of the Xbox 360 Revealed
Apple may launch phone and video player next week
Dell to shift supply chain operations, HQ to Singapore
Dell Moving More Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management Ops To ...
JP Morgan Analyst Says Dell "Heading For Rough Waters"
Toshiba To Launch 160GB USB Drives at CES 2007 Smart House
Toshiba to Offer USB Backup Hard Drives PC World India
iPod knockoff maker to countersue Apple Ars Technica
Luxpro seeks $100M from Apple after legal battle CNET
Compaq iPaq Desktops
HP unveils affordable, energy-saving business PC products Malta Independent Online
Intel to close research center in Korea
Microsoft And Apple Battle For "Digital Living Room" Market
All Headline News
Microsoft's Second Coming of the Xbox 360 Revealed
Microsoft Prepares Improved Version of Xbox 360.
X-bit Labs
Dash, Yahoo team up for in-car search
Yahoo! to install services on GPS systems Spannerworks
IBM Worker Says He Was Fired For Being A Muslim InformationWeek
IBM Returns to CES for the First Time in a Decade
Oracle Announces E-Business Suite 11i Applications Certification
IT News Online
Sun Microsystems Named Best Server, Best High-Performance Server
PR Newswire (press release)
Sun gets ready for greater demand in Asia
Heise Online
Wal-Mart Lawsuit Winners Seeking More Money Evening Bulletin
Wal-Mart results better, thanks to groceries, electronics
Wal-Mart: Electronics, Food Drove December Sales Arkansas Business Online
Best Buy, Circuit City Beat Discounters Forbes
Patrick gets to work after inaugural pomp and circumstance
Boston Globe
ETA Abandoned Plan For Christmas Attack
Thai PM urges public to stay alert against further bombings Boston Herald
Ulanoff: Hybrids Won't Lure Consumers to High-Definition DVDs FOX News
Falling oil prices may benefit drivers
DVD Format Wars: Blu-ray or HD DVD? NewsFactor Network
Hitachi Heralds 1TB Hard Drive
PC Magazine
Commercial space tour in 2010?
People's Daily Online
At WHO, a chief cut from Hong Kong cloth
International Herald Tribune
North Korea Nuke Talks Could Resume Later This Month
ABC News
Pelosi warns Bush: Troop surge won't be accepted
San Francisco Chronicle
Top Democrats Oppose More Troops in Iraq New York Times
Hindutva plank doesn’t inspire Bihar BJP unit Economic Times
Palestinians try to end violence
Thai Government Dismisses Rumors of New Coup Voice of America
Dollar rises against euro on jobs data
Polish archbishop admits working with communists
Mubarak joins critics of Saddam execution
International Herald Tribune
3000 Jordanians protest Saddam's execution Jerusalem Post
Boot-scootering billionaire Bezos along for another ride
The Australian
'Freedom Writers' shows exemplary class behavior Chicago Sun-Times
Britney sez she's planning 'bigger & better' comeback New York Daily News
Parents who froze girl in time defend their actions Independent

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