Sunday, January 14, 2007

Media Smear On Obama's Name

In The News

Hamas Angry Over Rice Visit The Media Line
Opposition to plan surprises Bush team
San Francisco Chronicle
India and Pakistan are all-weather friends Daily News & Analysis
Cabinet endorses Constitution, Maoists to join Nepal govt Zee News
Hillary meets Musharraf
Beckham may go sooner The Standard
Schwarzenegger takes center stage in US health reform Washington Post "We're really seeing the return of universal health coverage to the national dialogue" ....... California's Republican governor -- a budding reformer who has also crossed party lines to back a state law aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions ....... require everyone in the state to carry insurance .... Insurers would no longer be able to deny coverage based on age or pre-existing health conditions and overhead would be limited to $15 of every $100 in premiums. ...... Massachusetts, which has a population about as large as California's ranks of uninsured, last year became the first state to pass a law requiring all individuals to buy health coverage. ...... overwhelming hospital emergency rooms with very sick people who cannot pay and who, by law, cannot be turned away. ...... governors in states like Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont already have adopted plans to cover virtually everyone. ........ Schwarzenegger, nursing a broken leg from a holiday ski accident, has received kudos for bringing relevant interest groups -- doctors, insurers, hospitals, small business, unions and the Democrats that control the state legislature -- to the table. .......... Health care reform is an interlocking puzzle ... if someone tries to take their piece out, it doesn't work.
CES : HD DVD gets boost from adult film industry Computerworld
Yes, there is apartheid in Israel Arab American News through its army, the government of Israel practices a brutal form of apartheid in the territory it occupies. Its army has turned every Palestinian village and town into a fenced-in, or blocked-in, detention camp. All this is done in order to keep an eye on the population's movements and to make its life difficult. Israel even imposes a total curfew whenever the settlers, who have illegally usurped the Palestinians' land, celebrate their holidays or conduct their parades. ........ "Jewish only" roads .. Wonderful roads, wide roads, well-paved roads, brightly lit at night — all that on stolen land. When a Palestinian drives on such a road, his vehicle is confiscated and he is sent on his way. ...... Israelis are not allowed to transport Palestinians in an Israeli vehicle (one registered in Israel regardless of what kind of number plate it carries) unless they have received explicit permission to do so. The permit relates to both the driver and the Palestinian passenger. Of course none of this applies to those whose labor serves the settlers. ........ Apartheid is defined therein as an international crime that among other things includes using different legal instruments to rule over different racial groups, thus depriving people of their human rights. ....... It's OK to kill civilians, women and children, old people and parents with their children, deliberately or otherwise without accepting any responsibility. It's permissible to rob people of their lands, destroy their crops and cage them up like animals in the zoo. From now on, Israelis and international humanitarian organizations' volunteers are prohibited from assisting a woman in labor by taking her to the hospital. [Israeli human rights group] Yesh Din volunteers cannot take a robbed and beaten-up Palestinian to the police station to lodge a complaint. (Police stations are located at the heart of the settlements.) Is there anyone who believes that this is not apartheid? ....... Israel is an occupying power that for 40 years has been oppressing an indigenous people ....... We apply collective punishment to millions of people and even, in revenge-driven frenzy, destroy the electricity supply for one and a half million civilians. Let them "sit in the darkness" and "starve." ....... Shulamit Aloni is the former Education Minister of Israel.
Clinton doubts Iraqis can pacify Baghdad Tehran Times
Obama, Clinton poised to show their hands soon Kankakee Daily Journal
Top Official Denies al-Qaida Is Safe In Pakistan; Clinton Meets ... WCSH-TV
Nepal parliament to approve interim constitution
Reuters AlertNet
McCain may pay a political price for supporting Bush's Iraq policy
Kansas City Star
Obama And McCain Debate The Troop Surge
CBS News
McCain Climate Legislation Important Step Forward NewsBlaze
India, Asean to strengthen air ties
Business Standard
Iran Leader Courts Latin America Allies
Washington Post
Presidents of Iran, Venezuela plan $2-billion project fund Los Angeles Times
India gets 'untouchable' top judge
Justice KG Balakrishnan sworn-in as Chief Justice of India (press release)
Iran's Ahmadinejad Arrives In Nicaragua For Talks
Foreign Minister Says Iraq Supports New US Strategy
Voice of America
China, Russia Junks US Draft On Myanmar In Security Council
All Headline News
France's Sarkozy aiming to be president
The Age
Will the real Sarkozy please stand up? Financial Times
Japan, China, South Korea urge N. Korea to drop nuclear plan
Globe and Mail
India, Pakistan peace hopes brighter after talks
Malaysia Star
Samsung, Bayanat Al-Oula lead mobile WiMAX revolution in Middle East
Maktoob Business (press release) Bayanat Al-Oula plans to launch commercial services based upon Mobile WiMAX technology in four major cities; Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and Makkah in 2007. Services will then be expanded nationwide. ..... lead the entire Middle Eastern region into a new era of telecommunications ...... Mobile WiMAX is the ideal solution for establishing broadband data and voice communication into the Middle East, overcoming the region’s geographical challenges. Thanks to its wireless connectivity and capabilities, an increase of Mobile WiMAX adoption is expected in other Middle East nations following the commercialization of Mobile WiMAX with Bayanat Al-Oula
Aishwarya-Abhishek are engaged, says Big B
Can Beckham Sell Americans on Soccer? In Los Angeles, British Icon ...
International News Service
Stallone Takes to Liverpool Soccer Field
LA's newest soccer pitch has a very familiar ring to it
Toronto Star
Beckhams' may be Scientology's next big tuna Monsters and

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