Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State Of The Union Watch Parties

There were two locations to go to.
  1. Dewey's Flatiron – upstairs
    210 5th Ave, between 25th and 26th
  2. The Irish Rogue - upstairs
    346 W 44th St, between 8th and 9th Aves
I wanted to go to both. So I did. I first went to the one nearer. Other MYD officers won uncontested. Lee Motayed won handy. She had an opponent. She is of Indian heritage. She looked awfully happy. She is amazing.

Then I took the train to the other site. It started nice. Then closer to nine, the place was so full. I missed the idea of space. I actually stepped outside. I thought I would go back to the other place. Closer to Times Square I turned back. I figured I might miss the speech.

On my way out, I crossed the two DFNYC women Tracey and Heather. I don't think they saw me. They were looking good.

So, Heather, how do you feel about the war in Iraq?

Justin Krebs and Lewis Cohen spoke at the beginning, and the ACT Now guy.

Made peace with Cohen.

"Hello Paramendra, nice to see you. How are you doing?" Is all it takes. I totally want DFA to get behind Barack Obama. That is the original antiwar candidate.

As soon as the speech ended, I went back to the first place. Looks like I missed the rebuttal. CNN was on, but the sound was on for MSNBC upstairs.

I met Jenny from Chicago. I had met her the first time the same place. (
MYD Month)

"So you went home for Christmas? To Chicago?"

"Yes. You?"

"I am Buddhist."

I should have asked for an email address.

Also met Kenny Augusto and David Pollak. Kenny was pretty high up in the Fernando Ferrer for Mayor campaign. David is a big shot guy. He runs DL21C. He told me he is now also on the national DNC, Democratic National Committee.

My first conversation with David was months back. We were both strongly for Hillary. I have switched to Obama since.

"It is hard to go against Hillary if you are a New Yorker, especially when she is such a good candidate."

"Oh, she is excellent. What do you think of Obama as Hillary's running mate though?"

David thought the ticket would be heavy enough with a woman on it. I instead got the impression he wants Hillary in for eight years, and then he wants Spitzer to step in.

I am looking at Obama as president, Hillary as vice, and Spitzer as Attorney General, America's Sheriff.

Claire bought me a drink. "I make a lot of money," she said.

I just googled up Lee and emailed her through Friendster. I like it when I can google people up. Works better with foreign sounding names.

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