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Corporate Politics: Martial Arts

The Art Of War, Bruce Lee

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The Art of War
The Art of War - Sun Tzu

Corporate Politics: Martial Arts

Corporate politics are like derivatives, they can be learned.
Work is 50% performance, 50% politics, so get into it.
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  1. WINNING OFFICE POLITICS: DUBRINS GD FOR 90S by Andrew J. DuBrin (Paperback)
  2. 100+ Tactics for Office Politics (Business Success Series) by Casey Fitts Hawley, Casey Hawley (Paperback)
  3. Applying Sun Tzu's Art of War in Corporate Politics by Khoo Kheng-Hor (Paperback) Spiced With Real-Life Illustrations and Ovservations, It Is Written in a Breezy Style That Allows for Easy Reading, Understanding and Retention
  4. The Unofficial Guide to Climbing the Corporate Ladder by Jack Griffin (Paperback)
  5. The Art of War by Sun Tzu (Paperback)
  6. The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli, Daniel Donno (Mass Market Paperback)

  1. Column - Manager's Workshop: Tough Bosses ..... "Tough bosses are tough to deal with, period. They subject you to various circuitous and veiled mind games, unpredicted and unexpected changes of topic, and befuddled and baffling questions designed to bamboozle because they may have no answer whatsoever. They pose menacing, nerve-racking challenges to both your attention span and your ability to read between the lines of their unspoken intentions. Tough bosses are in your face. They issue more than their fair share of crotchety and cantankerous commands during head-to-head encounters."
  2. Surviving Corporate Politics Part 2: Keeping Up Appearances ... ..... "Especially in large companies, where there is constant personnel movement, keeping up your appearance is a full time task...... "
  3. How do you survive the politics at work? @ ..... " The politics where I work are driving me crazy. I got off on the wrong foot with a few people here and now I can't get anything done. Is there anything you can do to get back in the good graces of corporate politics? ..... Every organization has people who get stuff done without knifing anyone else in the back. Keep your eyes open for these people and learn everything you can from them...... Ironically, politicians have it easier than the rest of us. They run for office only every two, four or six years. The rest of us have to play politics virtually every day."
  4. Office Politics & Corporate Power Structures ..... " and tricks on the fine art of office politics .... "
  5. Politics Comes with the Office ..... "Politics don't only make for strange bedfellows, they can make for uncomfortable work situations ..... the deeper the infrastructure and the older the company, the more chance of facing corporate politics ..... in today's highly competitive, ever-changing business arena where jobs aren't for life, office politics flourish ..... internal conflicts, rivalry disputes and other volatile situations ..... "Even if you are a person who takes no active part in [office] politics knowing how the game is played means that you stand a good chance of surviving the depredations of those who undertake the lifestyle of cubicle warfare." ..... "All politics really boils down to is the play of human interactions at work that can make your job either easier or more difficult," write co-authors Ronna Lichtenbrug and Gene Stone in their book Work Would Be Great If It Weren't for the People. "Being a good office politician means that you know how to turn individual agendas into common goals." .... Start with your boss. Part of everyone's job is learning how to make the boss look good. Learn what the boss expects from your performance and then evaluate ways in which you can add more value to the team. If advancement within the organization is a priority for you, knowing the answers to these questions is important to becoming more politically savvy: Do you work in a department that is integral, i.e., adds profitability, to the organization? Can you measure, in numbers, the results of your work? Is your boss a team player? Does he or she have the power to make decisions that affect your goals? How is your boss perceived within the organization? .... "Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.""
  6. Phoenix IT&T Consulting... Media & Newsroom > Corporate Politics ... ..... "Politics isn't limited to Parliament House. It is alive and well, eating away at the soul of every organization ..... Managing politics minimizes stakeholder negativity so it's important to involve stakeholders at all levels, from the business owner to perspective users, he said. "It is critical to have face-to-face discussions rather than relying on e-mails and phone calls.""
  7. Racial discrimination and harassment at work ..... "Direct discrimination .. if, because of your race, you are treated less favourably than other people who are in the same circumstances, this is direct discrimination ..... If you feel you are being harassed or discriminated against, do something about it and don't let the situation fester. ..... Note down all the behaviour that offends you in a diary. Record the date, time and place and the names of any other people who are there. If the harassment is affecting your health, causing symptoms of stress or depression, for example, go to see your doctor..... You could go to your personnel department (if there is one) and ask what are your company's procedures for reporting a grievance ..... "
  8. The bully at work: Jan's story ..... "Bullying is alive and well in the ... workplace ..... 'The effects of bullying lead to a sense of helplessness, inadequacy, confusion, anxiety, tiredness, disorganisation at work, lowered self-esteem and depression.' ..... 'I'd been with the company twelve years when my new director arrived. From day one she just didn't like me. It started with her trying to win over people's regard by embarrassing me at meetings.' ..... bullying occurs continually over a period of many months. Your self-confidence becomes eroded. That can happen pretty fast...... The bully may exclude you from the information loop and threaten your professional standing. You become isolated and suspicious..... The bully may attempt to wear you down with overwork and absurd expectations. You become overwrought, jittery, and overtired. You toss and turn all night, suffer from nightmares, and have trouble dragging yourself out of bed in the morning. Your stomach is in knots, you have frequent headaches, and lose your appetite..... 'I sought the help of the HR director but he told me it was my issue: "You're single, lonely, you can't fit in, you don't have many friends." I was devastated.' .... Bullying always feels personal because it always is personal. For the bully at work, you are not really a person with feelings but an object to be manipulated and manoeuvred against. The motivations may lie in the character and personal history of the bully or they may derive from a hidden organisational agenda. Whatever the reasons, bullying tactics are always an act of cowardice..... 'The trouble is, it takes two to be bullied. The person who is being bullied begins to feel like the coward. It's a complete invasion.' ..... What can you do? 1. Trust your instincts. If it feels like bullying, it most likely is. 2. Knowledge is power. 3. Consult the grapevine. 4. Keep a diary.. 'a contemporaneous record' is very much more powerful than half-remembered events later on 5. Find your voice. Write a memorandum to the bully setting out the criticisms concisely, coldly, and clearly. 6. Stand up and be counted. "
  9. Asian American Experiences with Racial and Ethnic Discrimination ... ..... "...the consequents of discrimination, the relations between negative treatment and a) physical health, b) psychological health, and c) organizational outcomes .... Asian Americans do experience racial discrimination ..... Those who experienced racial discrimination in the workplace were more likely to exhibit signs of depression and to be in poor physical health..... "
  10. 16 Racial Discrimination ..... "It's unlawful for an employer to discriminate against you because of your race, when choosing someone for a job, and when deciding which staff will be: promoted; given benefits at work, such as training; dismissed; or made redundant. "
  11. Long Articles In PDF Format: Institutional Racism
  12. Institutioanl Racism: Where Is The Prejudice In Organizations? .... why more ethnic minority staff went down the disciplinary route ..... There is a dearth of literature dealing with race and the organization.... two theories .... first, centred on cognitive processing theories, suggest that when assessing the performance of their subordinates, managers may look for information and evidence that confirms broader stereotypes (ie based on gender or race). A stereotype is defined as: 'a set of attributes ascribed to a group and imputed to its individual members simply because they belong to that group' ..... The second theory, 'in-group' and 'out-group' membership identifies two key groups within organisations .. identity groups and organisation groups (Alderfer, 1986). An identity group might be determined by its gender, age or ethnicity, whereas an organisational group is defined by task, function or hierarchy. The behaviour and attitudes of managers to 'in-group' and 'out-group' members can differ. It is argued (Danserau et al., 1975) that managers assign subordinates to one of these groups. In-group members are generally treated more favourably whereas out-group members are likely to be managed using a more authoritarian style and through contract compliance...... data show no statistically significant difference between how black and white employees view the organisation's equal opportunities policies and practices. However, ethnic minority employees are much more negative about their opportunities for career progression and about how their skills are valued compared to their white counterparts...... the decision to apply formal measures or not often had little to do with the behaviour of the individual in question, but was often based solely on the fact that they were of different ethnic origin...... White interviewees are more likely to refer to individuals' management skills and others skills, which it could be argued are more likely to be associated with more senior roles ..... Whites are more likely to be described positively than ethnic minority individuals...... It is the white interviewees that appear to be making more positive attributions of white colleagues whereas the ethnic minority interviewees show no similar pattern of response. These differences hold across a wide range of attributes...... ethnic minority individuals are less likely to be offered as exemplars of excellent performance ..... In the absence of a standard, agreed set of criteria for assessing ability to do a job, individual managers judgements about what constitutes a 'good performer' are likely to hold more sway..... Whilst a competency framework, or performance appraisal system is by no means a panacea, there would appear to be great potential benefits ..... develop an understanding of the full range of valued behaviours and develop standard and explicit criteria against which job performance is measured ..... racism can exist even where there are adequate management systems .... even in an organisation where equal opportunities are a high priority, the systems and procedures within the organisation are not beyond criticism...... need to consider not only recruitment strategies, but the organisational systems and cultures that govern our experience of work.
June 6, 2005

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