Wednesday, December 10, 2008

At The Bill Thompson Penthouse: Elvis Sighting

December 10, 11, 16, 18

High Bar
251 W. 48th Street
Between 8th and Broadway

My anxiety over the state party party (December 10: Holiday) was what got me to show up at Youngblood's office a few days back where I found out I had a court date on the 18th, and the court order was still in place. So I went to the safe event, a Bill Thompson event. Or so I thought.

I RSVPd to Marla. She emailed me the new venue. There had been a change of venue.

I spent the afternoon with my sister. A week or two back I told her, after these six months it feels to me like you are the eldest child, and I am the youngest child. She laughed. She was in Nepal for a week in October after four years. I naturally am hungry for every little detail of her trip. And the food is much better at her place. I had lunch. And an evening snack.

Then I had a long walk before I hopped into a train to get to the venue. I got there 10 minutes after start time. For some reason I associated the word penthouse with the magazine word Playboy, but you could barely see people's necks. Maybe penthouse is an architecture term.

A few days earlier my sister had emailed me after she saw the digital image of that me, Justin, Tracey email. Look, here she is saying "This is really funny." Obviously she did not like it that you emailed her. I had to email her back saying it was not Tracey who pressed charges against me, I met her a few days back.

I had my 10 seconds with Bill Thompson. I walked over to where he was. He literally turned around when he saw me. Then I walked to his side and said hello, how you doing? He gave a quick polite reply and immediately turned to someone else. I had Silicon Valley attire - blue jeans, uncombed hair, a yellowish shirt I had been wearing three days and nights, a black overcoat that I had refused to check in, I like the feel of the thing, makes me feel important and composed and casual, and I think he reacted to my attire. This is a banking, media city. Dress casual means when you take the tie off. I never put the tie on. So what do I take off?

ERC Sighting

People have Elvis sightings, or at least claim so. I had an ERC sighting. They do share jawlines, if you think about it.

I showed up at the Bill Thompson event precisely because I assumed she would be at the state party party taking place at the same time. And I was proven right the first hour and a half.

Bill Thompson was introduced. He spoke. The music was nice. I had already made my small talk in the room early on. I had finished two thirds of my beer. So I decided to spend time with myself after the speech was over.

Then I turned around. And there she was. She was looking great. She looked straight at me. I made a split second reflex decision. I think it is not legal for me to be in this room no more. I gently turned around, put my glass away. Then gently turned again and walked out of the room in no hurry. I am an early to bed, early to rise child, take me to bed kind of walk, even though I am not an early to bed, early to rise child.

Even before the sighting I was thinking after December 18 it is going to be legal for me to show up for DL21C events. And I might show up. I think I will show up. Why not?

Out on the sidewalk, I thought, that was a straight, intense look, but I was not going to go into the if territory. I mean, she never dropped the second charge for which I have a court date on the 18th.

What would Jesus do? Jesus would probably walk away. What would Barack do? Barack would probably walk away. So I walked away. It was a split second decision, reflex, gentle. I think that was the right decision. I followed the law of the land.

Dave Pollak

Theresa with SAFO emailed earlier in the day that Dave Pollak was going to show up for the event tomorrow. That's great. I have a line for him.

"I think you made a difference in the swing states with those million phone calls. And tell Rambo I said hi."

I believe that is Rahm's nickname for his supposed profane ways. When I first learned that guy got appointed to be Chief of Staff, I am like, is this guy Hispanic or Jewish? I thought Hispanic.

Going To DL21C Events

After December 18 when it is no longer illegal for me to show up for DL21C events, I think I am going to show up for DL21C events if I feel like showing up for DL21C events, which I will.

The last thing I want to put any energy into is progressive infighting in the progressive capital of America, the progressive capital of the world. Not that I think I have what it takes to start a fight.

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